Omega Strike

Omega Strike is Like Agents of Mayhem Meets Contra and Metroid

Seriously, check this one out. Coming to Steam from a one-person studio called Woblyware, Omega Strike is not only adorably violent but seems to have a lot of originality packed into its side-scrollin...

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is getting its own Battle Royale mode and it looks great

Fortnite, the hit building, shooting, hilariousness simulator from Epic Games, is getting its own Battle Royale mode come September 26th. The update is on the Public Test server now, and it includes i...

SURVIVING - The Evil Within 2 review

The Evil Within 2 new gameplay trailer makes me want my mommy

And I like, don’t even talk to my mommy. Seriously, the first game was an underrated horror gem, and the sequel is looking all kinds of messed up. Take a look at the latest Evil Within 2 trailer...


Surprise! Ubisoft Announces ATOMEGA, launching next week

Atomega is a brand new game from Reflections Studio (the small Ubi dev that gave us Grow Home and Grow Up). An online first person shooter, you start life as one atom, collect more, and become the Ome...

Farming Simulator Switch

Farming Simulator is coming to the Switch in November

My son (who’s four and loves everything truck and farming) is going to crap himself. And likely, more than usual. Yes, folks, Farming Simulator is coming to the Switch.  I cannot wait to revel i...

88 Heroes

88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition is headed to Nintendo Switch

Landing October 10th, the hit indie action platformer 88 Heroes is coming to the Switch, complete with all of its DLC heroes… hence the 98 Heroes Edition title.  We didn’t get to play the ...

Rise and Shine

The Making of Rise and Shine – The Latest Overwatch Animated Short

During Gamescom 2017 Blizzard Entertainment has released the latest animated short for Overwatch. Called “Rise and Shine”, it is dedicated to a scientist named Mei-Ling Zhou. The video sho...


Ressurecting Kel’Thuzad – The Full Documentary

During Gamescom 2017 Blizzard Entertainment introduced the latest Assassin to join the roster of Heroes of the Storm. It is no one other than the Archlich of the Naxxramas and the loyal servant of the...

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Switch

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Switch Port packs a lot of new stuff

The Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Switch port is almost upon us with a September 22nd release date. To help get prospective players primed, Bandai Namco put together a special Switch-centric video detailing...

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