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EGX Rezzed – Strange Brigade is a Rollicking Good Show!

If you need proof that co-op shooters are still relevant just take a look at the bloody chaos that unfolded when Vermintide 2 launched. While it’s not all about ranged retaliation, Fatshark’s adventur...

Alliance Alive review

Alliance Alive Review – A Flawed Charmer on the 3DS

Alliance Alive is a fun, quirky, and interesting JRPG with some interesting systems powering the core gameplay. Although sometimes the naming of things can be quiet boring the story and characters are...


Underworld Ascendant is a Whole New Way to Crawl Out of the Abyss

Sequels are an absolute staple of modern video games. Fifa fans are already blighted by a barrage of annual iterations and even Final Fantasy can’t help try to reinvent itself every other year. Despit...

EGX Rezzed 2018

The Best Games of EGX Rezzed 2018

I love games shows — they’re an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and see alpha builds of titles before they take the world by storm. EGX Rezzed, held in London last weekend, was an awesome showca...


Steam Weekly High Five: Ready Player One VR

It had to happen right? Will it live up to the book or the movie, perhaps it will exceed both? That we can’t wait to see, meanwhile Healers get to slap themselves on the back with comedy relief ...


EGX Rezzed 2018 – Phogs is a romp through a doggy dreamland

When we broke the news about Phogs a few weeks ago, I didn’t quite know how to start describing Coatink’s latest offering. Due out in 2019, Phogs is a brilliant offbeat puzzler that drags players into...


Manticore: Galaxy on Fire Switch Review

If any of my readers are old enough to remember the days of Space Sims like Privateer or the original Wind Commander Series than you, like me, long for some of those classic titles. Countless hours sp...


The Problem with ‘For the King’: I can’t put it down

Have you ever found yourself sitting back, relaxing with a nice cold drink in your hand when you suddenly realize that what you need in life is a strategy meets rogue-like meets JRPG video game? No? M...

flash point fire rescue

Flash Point Fire Rescue – Flames On PC

Indie studios have branched out into interesting territory over the last several years including a foray back into the retro-styled world of tabletop gaming. One popular title with tabletop gamers has...

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