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Next Up Hero – Live, Die, Repeat!

Are you a Hero?  Do you have the resolve to become one? In Next Up Hero, you’ll need it.  If you’re the kind of gamer that never shies away from a challenge, Next Up Hero (NUH) might be your next binge-worthy game.  NUH is a 2D “dual stick” action game developed by Digital Continue and published by Aspyr that has recently released in Early Access on Steam but is slated to release on all major cons...[Read More]

NSFW: Genital Jousting pulls out a hard one

It has taken just over a year, but Freelives is finally whipping it out. After initially penetrating early access back in 2016, Genital Jousting launches today on Steam. Throughout early access, this game has been an orgy of bright colors, exaggerated physics, and crazy members, best experienced by consenting adults. At first glance, Genital Jousting might seem like perfect streaming clickbait, bu...[Read More]

Nintendo LABO is Why Nintendo Has Been Around Since 1889

Nintendo LABO was announced yesterday. What is Nintendo LABO? It’s a bunch of cardboard. Okay, that might be simplifying it a bit. In essence, LABO is taking papercraft to a whole new level. Due out later this Spring, the idea that you can make your own Switch accessory that you can play with various different gaming experiences? Is it some hardcore new gaming adventure? Nope. It is as Nintendo sa...[Read More]

Nightmarchers – A Gorgeous Blend of Ancient Hawaiian Lore & RPG Shooter

On first blush, bucolic thoughts of Hawaii and the more visceral ponderings of RPG shooter games probably don’t seem to have much in common. However, they’re not so disparate as they may seem, particularly if you’ve been following Wyrmbyte’s upcoming Nightmarchers game. It seamlessly blends ancient Hawaiian lore with modern RPG aspects and third-person shooters and does it ...[Read More]

Slay the Spire Has Slain My Free Time

Just ten minutes into Slay the Spire and I knew this was the game for me. It had all the great beats of a fun deck building game (i.e the board game Dominion or arena mode in Hearthstone). It had the same risk versus reward, do I or don’t I, take a chance or lose it all design of roguelikes that I have collectively sunk thousands of hours into. Most important, it was immediately fun. Slay the Spir...[Read More]

Phantom Doctrine: War So Cold, It’s Hot

While walking around the floor at PAX South this weekend, I came across Phantom Doctrine.  A CreativeForge Games title, the game is heavily cloaked in the shadows of espionage.  As a former Army Intel guy, it’s a premise that got my attention, even as the cold-war bunker theme of the booth caught my eye. Built using the Unreal Engine, fans of the XCOM series will immediately see echoes of th...[Read More]

Son of Scoregasm May Never Let You Finish

Imagine yourself alone in a small room. Suddenly, shapes start appearing and come hurtling toward you. They close in. You dodge. Things look grim and boom, you’ve just turned all of them into glowing green lights and upped your score modifier significantly. This is our Son of Scoregasm review. I never played 2012’s Scoregasm, but Son of Scoregasm is a sequel that the game’s one-man developer calls...[Read More]

How is My Time At Portia? In a word… lovely.

Some time ago, in the distant past, our civilization fell into ruin. The wonders of that age became forgotten mysteries and treasures to be unearthed by intrepid adventurers. Your estranged father has sent you a deed to his old farm with instructions to start your new life for yourself. Here you will become an entrepreneur, farmer, explorer, and community member, building relationships and carving...[Read More]

Review Scores Must Die

Let’s get this out of the way at the top. I will be reviewing games on GameSpace. They will be scored. This categorically does not mean I cannot criticize the notion of scoring reviews. Any competent person can divorce the two. In fact, it is incumbent on media to question practices that fundamentally do not educate and inform consumers. (Editor’s Note: As a new site, GameSpace uses a standa...[Read More]

Felix the Reaper Kills It on the Dance Floor

Dour, depressing, and drab. The Grimm Reaper is a character that simply reeks of despair. Now, Felix The Reaper delivers a Ministry of Death with a little more soul to it. Although Kong Orange’s latest title is still in production, Gamespace managed a sneak peek at this puzzler and got ourselves acquainted with a character that brings some soul to delivering death. Entering the fray from an underw...[Read More]

Goblins of Elderstone Early Access Steam Preview!

Goblins of Elderstone is not only a city building sim, its GOBLIN TRIBE simulator that I just had to dive into because this Indie gem is brought to you from New Zealand development team Lost Goblin who has also gained the support of US-based publisher Crytivo. Lost Goblin is a tiny team that launched Goblins of Elderstone on Kickstarter October 5th 2016. Since they have gained a ton of excitement ...[Read More]

They Are Billions – A Simply Unique Take on the RTS

It all started a few months ago when the gang at Numantian Games announced the presales for their new game. It created a little bit of a stir, but most people didn’t notice. Over the next few weeks, the hype spread slowly. Then the streamers became infected, passing the bug to their followers. Unlike most games that quickly fade from the Twitch-verse, this one just wouldn’t go away. Now, a month i...[Read More]

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