Tower of Time review

Tower of Time – A Blast from the Past

For as long as i can remember action RPGs have ruled the roost. Single characters with a few spammable abilities, whether in a single player or MMO arena, took over from the party based games of old. ...

7 Good
Bullet Witch review

Bullet Witch – The PC Port that nobody asked for

Bullet Witch was originally released in 2007 for Xbox 360. Even back then it received only mixed reviews at best. Now, 11 years later, suddenly a PC port appears. While fans of other games are begging...

5 Average

BattleTech: Welcome to the Succession Wars Era!

Greetings Mechwarriors!  It’s good to see you back and ready for more hard work in the Periphery!  Many of you will be unfamiliar with the origins of this game, and that’s fine.  Back in t...

7.5 Good

Our Monster Prom Review

Children can be absolute monsters, but in Monster Prom that is far more true than you might imagine. This indie game from Beautiful Glitch crams ghouls, zombies, vampires, and maniacal hellspawn into ...

8 Great
Kaet Must Die review

Kaet Must Die Review – Please let her die…

Kaet Must Die is a new title from Strength in Numbers Studios. It’s being billed as a first-person suspense game that puts you up against the clock in horror filled sewers. You must search for c...

4 Poor

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana – Cursed Islands and the Adventure of a Lifetime

Adventure, Excitement – an Adventurer craves these things. You are sure to get all this and more as you enter a world of classic action role-playing. You step into the shoes of Adol Christin on ...

8 Great
39 days to mars review

39 Days to Mars Review

Every so often, there’s a game that screams stereotypes. With a heavy dose of Victorian-era steampunk and Da Vinci-inspired art, solo studio It’s Anecdotal has channelled the fictional side of the Bri...

7 Good
Frostpunk review

Frostpunk Review

I grew up on games like Caesar, Sim City, and other management sims. I loved them, and have always preferred their particular brand of Real-time Strategy to say, StarCraft or Dune or Dawn of War. So w...

9 Amazing
Dead in Vinland review

Dead In Vinland Review

It doesn’t sound like a cross between simulation games and Banner Saga-styled strategy RPGs would go over well, but in CCCP’s Dead in Vinland, that’s exactly the case. Your family, husband, wife, sist...

8 Great

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