Milanoir review

Milanoir Review – Time to get dirty in pixel-form

Coming to you fresh from indie studio Italo Games on steam is MIlanoir, a gritty pixelated crime drama twin stick shooter. Seeking to pay homage to the Italian crime flicks of the 70’s, MIlanoir...

8 Great

Sharpen Your Blades, Prepare your Shields – Ancestors Legacy is Here

Destructive Creations, a little known team with a big background of experience, has released a great new RTS game set in the middle ages. This is a historical real time strategy game with focus on sma...

7.5 Good

Stare Down the End of the World in Quarantine Circular

Less than six months ago, I reviewed Subsurface Circular for GameSpace. It moved me, provoking thoughts about the value of life, where and when it begins, and what it means to be human. To my surprise...

9 Amazing

State of Decay 2: Can Anybody Hear You?

A safe zone devoid of human life, you hear moaning coming from a crate behind. You stay as still as possible and raise the Louisville Slugger in your hand up into the air. You hope you haven’t been he...

9 Amazing

Starship Corporation – Can We Build It? Yes We Can!

Starship Corporation is a new spaceship tycoon game from indie developer Coronado Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive. It consists of one part spaceship builder and one part real-time ship surviva...

5.8 Average
The Council

The Council Episode 2: Hide and Seek Review

The Council: Episode 2 Hide and Seek just on May 15th and I had to jump right back into it. Let’s be clear here at the beginning, there may be spoilers ahead. I will try to keep them light and h...

8.5 Great
Inked - darkness

Draw Deep From the Well in Inked

Last year, I had the opportunity to review 505 Games’ Last Day of June. I opened that review by sharing my convictions about video games as art. I don’t say this in a pretentious way, by any means. Si...

7 Good

Battle Fleet: Ground Assault Review

While they’re not my specialty, I do enjoy turn-based games occasionally. But, as with any strategy or tactics game, they must have unique system or mechanic to hook me and keep me coming back. Sadly,...

4 Poor

Subaeria Review – Perpetuating Robot on Robot Violence

When one thinks of underwater cities, Subaeria is undoubtedly not one of them, but in Studios iLLOGIKA’s action puzzler, the knowledge that you are underneath the ocean plays second fiddle to the unfo...

6.5 Fair

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