Max: The Curse of Brotherhood review

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Review

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood originally came out on Xbox One over four years ago now. It was received to mixed reviews, with most critics praising its noble attempt at mixing a unique mechanic with t...

7 Good

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive Review

Not very long ago, I took an early look at Closers, a modern approach to side-scrolling beat ‘em ups. It melds a massively multiplayer RPG and some engaging systems to innovate on a well-worn model. S...

6.5 Fair
SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition review

SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition Review

If you played SteamWorld Dig 2 this year on the Nintendo Switch, you were treated to one of the best adventure games not only on the Switch, but of all 2017. Clearly, developer Image & Form knows ...

8.5 Great

Enter the Gungeon Review

If you haven’t heard of Enter the Gungeon before now you’ve probably been kidnapped and held hostage in a basement somewhere. Whatever you are doing stop reading this review and call emergency service...

8 Great
Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King review

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King Review

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King is exactly what I needed after falling out of love with Breath of the Wild this past week.  Castle Pixel’s homage to the 16-bit Zelda era is absolutely fantastic...

8 Great
Gorogoa review

Gorogoa Review

Gorogoa describes itself as an elegant evolution of the puzzle genre, but after spending a quiet few hours working my way through this game, I feel it is an entirely insufficient description. Initiall...

9 Amazing

Mecho Tales Review

Everybody has a story or two that they could share. Whether it’s a chance meeting, a feat of strength or whit, or that crazy relative/friend/neighbor that did a thing that you just have to hear! Much ...

4 Poor
Brawlout review

Brawlout Review

Ever since Nintendo introduced us to a new way to brawl with its debate title Super Smash Brothers for the N64 way back in 1999, gamers have been mashing and thrashing their controllers to greater com...

7.3 Good
Nine Parchments

Nine Parchments Review

After spending last week playing the demo of Nine Parchments by Frozenbyte I was quite excited to be given a copy for review Monday. After spending every spare moment huddled over my Switch wielding a...

8.5 Great

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