Just Shapes & Beats Review – When Pixels Attack

Awesome beats, an amazing light show, and a crushing neon apocalypse. It could be the best Saturday night you’ve had in years. In this instance, however, the blisteringly assault emanating from my cor...

9 Amazing
Death Road to Canada Switch review

Death Road to Canada – Switch Review

You’d think I’d be sick of zombie games… but then along comes the joyfully macabre and silly pixel-art Death Road to Canada, previously released on mobile. The Switch version came ou...

8 Great

Runner 3 Races Home a Winner

Choice Provisions Inc has spent the best part of a decade pushing players over the edge as they hop, step and jump to the music of the BIT.TRIP series. With the arrival of the final BIT.TRIP game on t...

8 Great
Suicide Guy Review

Suicide Guy Review – Kill me now…

The Nintendo Switch really has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the gaming market. Steam remains so utterly polluted with trash that it leaves consumers to delve into filthy asset flips and ...

6 Fair
Smoke and Sacrifice review switch

Smoke and Sacrifice Review for the Nintendo Switch

Smoke and Sacrifice is one party Crashlands, one part Don’t Starve, and it’s all pretty great when played on the Nintendo Switch. Solar Sail Games does one thing vastly different: it puts ...

8.1 Great

Our Review of Baobabs Mausoleum Episode 1

Fever dream.  These are the only words that I can think to describe the game that I am about to review for you. It’s called Baobabs Mausoleum Episode 1: Ovnifagos Don’t Eat Flamingos on Nintendo Switc...

7.5 Good
Yoku Island Express

Yoku’s Island Express Review – Rolling right along

Metroidvania is such a loaded term. Lots of games consider themselves one these days. It’s an “in thing” in Indie games. Like roguelikes, or the larger Battle Royale craze. But to ca...

8 Great
Happy Birthdays

Happy Birthdays is a Jurassic Sandbox Simulator

Happy Birthdays is a difficult game to describe by any measure. Part Pokémon, part Minecraft, with a multi-colored sprinkling of Harvest Moon, it is the sort of game that makes little sense until you ...

7 Good

N++ Review (Nintendo Switch)

Run, jump, die, repeat. Make the leap, grab the gold, and try not to get blown up in the meantime. That’s the loop of Metanet’s excellent platformer, N++, just released on Nintendo Switch. Like so man...

9 Amazing

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