Kingdom Two Crowns Review – Nintendo Switch

It’s hard to believe that Kingdom New Lands is already a couple years old and that we’re getting a brilliant sequel this week (out now) on the Switch as well as PC. If you haven’t pl...

9 Amazing

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 Review – Nintendo Switch

We loved Gear.Club Unlimited when it launched early in the Switch’s lifespan. It, and remains, one of a very few realistically slanted driving games on the Switch. Imagine how happy we were to l...

6 Fair
Everspace – Stellar Edition Review 1

Everspace – Stellar Edition Review

Everspace – Stellar Edition is a dog-fighting sci-fi space that has previously been released on other major consoles and PC.  The Stellar Edition bundles the game’s Encounters DLC alongside the base g...

6.5 Fair

Abzu Review – Nintendo Switch Edition

When Abzu initially launched on PC, PlayStation 4 back in August 2016, it seemed an odd idea. Yet, a game that seemed to be about skulking around the depths of the ocean floor captured critics hearts....

9 Amazing

Horizon Chase Turbo Review: Building a Better OutRun

I come to you as the saltiest of salamanders right now. Not because I dislike Horizon Chase Turbo — on the contrary, I had an amazing time — but because this game is frustrating in the bes...

10 Perfect

Guacamelee 2 Review – Nintendo Switch

If you’re as old as I am (about three years shy of ancient) then you most likely remember the old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Drinkbox Games, the studio that brought us the original Gua...

9 Amazing

R-Type Dimensions EX: A Spacey Review

Few games thrill me more than side scroller space shooters. I grew up in the early days of Nintendo, and the best games for that system in this genre were Star Force and Life Force. So take this with ...

9 Amazing

This War of Mine Complete Edition Review – Nintendo Switch

When most folks think of Polish game development, they think of The Witcher and CD Projekt Red. But there’s another prolific company by the name of 11 Bit Studios that has been rocking my gaming...

7.5 Good
Civilization VI - Taking Your Turn

Civilization VI – Nintendo Switch Review

This is going to be a bit of a two-for: you see, in the past weeks I’ve been given access to both the excellent iOS port of Civilization VI and the Nintendo Switch port of the same game. It goes...

8.5 Great

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