SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech Review

With regular releases in the series, SteamWorld follows adventures of different robots in a post-apocalyptic steampunk setting.  Though the developers have jumped around into different genres for thei...

8.5 Great
Dangerous Driving Logo

Dangerous Driving Review – Where Being Bad Is Good

UK based developer, Three Fields Entertainment is known for “living on the edge”. Just look at their games’ catalogue which includes; Dangerous Golf, Lethal VR and a trifecta of R...

8.5 Great

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Final Thoughts

Final Fantasy being that of the top-ranked RPG games of our youth have captivated audiences everywhere. Several classics have been remastered and brought back to us via updated consoles, updated graph...

Back To Bed Banner

Back To Bed Switch Review – Dozing Off Has Never Been So Fun

We’ve had the good fortune in the last month or so in being able to review some great Indie developed puzzle games for the Switch including Golf Peaks, Spellkeeper and now 2Awesome Studio‘...

8.5 Great
Cuphead Switch Review

Cuphead Switch Review

Let me get my dead horse shots in: For a dude who grew up watching Looney Tunes, Cuphead is a glory to behold.  Studio MDHR nailed the look and feel of the golden age of cel animation.  Although it in...

7 Good
Hob: Definitive Edition

Hob: Definitive Edition Switch Review

Not many RPGs can claim to be truly world-changing. Sure, you might save somebody in distress or overthrow an ancient evil, but does your adventure keep the world turning? Hob: Definitive Edition, the...

9 Amazing
My Time At Portia Banner

My Time At Portia Switch Review – So Much To Do, So Much To Do

Ever consider yourself a miner, a boxer, a builder, a farmer, a relationship expert or an expert of any such non-typical life skills for a video gamer? Perhaps you’re none of these and secretly ...

9 Amazing

Point and Click Adventure Silence, is Golden

Launched on PC back in 2016, Silence follows in the footsteps of so many indie games and steps through the looking glass and onto the Nintendo Switch. Out now on Nintendo’s mobile powerhouse, Silence ...

8 Great

Mechstermination Force Review

Giant robots have attacked the Earth, and no one knows what to do until a small group of armed forces decides to take matters into their own hands. You have been initiated into the Mechstermination Fo...

7 Good

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