Defunct Review – Nintendo Switch

If there’s one thing the Nintendo Switch is developing a reputation for, it’s becoming to a home for indie games. Whether they launch on the device or are brought over years after, games are finding f...

6 Fair

Castle Storm Review – Nintendo Switch

Back in 2013 Zen Studios released a unique tower defense game called Castlestorm. Originally released on the Xbox 360 with a subsequent release on basically every other system sense then, Castlestorm ...

8.3 Great
Wasteland 2 Switch Review

Wasteland 2 Review – Nintendo Switch

It’s been four years already since Wasteland 2 originally released from InXile Entertainment. In that time, we’ve seen a bevy of new top-down RPGs come out, kick butt, take names, and suck...

8 Great

Old School Musical Review

Rhythm games have always been a particular weakness of mine. Whether it’s shredding the controller in Guitar Hero, Dancing all Night win Persona 4, crawling through Crypts of the Necrodancer, or...

6.5 Fair

Our VideoKid Review is a Retro Riot

For those of you that are too young to remember the eighties, it was equal parts wretched and utterly amazing. The hair, the clothes, and the narrowly averted world-ending nuclear warfare were all pro...

8 Great

Flood of Light: A Unique Take on the Puzzle/Platformer

The world is dark, damp, and devoid of all human life. A massive, unending rain, has caused massive flooding all over the city, and the world and the only life left are the robots who now inhabit the ...

9 Amazing
The Messenger Review

The Messenger Review

There is no shortage of great side-scrolling MetroidVania games on the Switch. It seems every week brings another great one. But sure enough, The Messenger from Sabotage is yet another such game at th...

9 Amazing
All Star Fruit Racing review

All Star Fruit Racing – Switch Review

I was all hyped up and ready to roll with this new kart racer by 3DClouds.it. With Mario Kart dominating the kart scene on Switch since April of last year, I am always on the lookout for a new racing ...

6.5 Fair

Little Dragons Cafe Nintendo Switch Review

Dragons and food, what better combination? That’s what caught my attention, followed by the realization that Little Dragon’s Cafe is also developed by Yasuhiro Wada who brought the world H...

7.6 Good

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