InnerSpace review

InnerSpace Review

InnerSpace is not just a movie starring Martin Short, Dennis Quaid, and Meg Ryan (though that’s a great movie). Aspyr and Polyknights have gone and created a game of the same name, where players...

9 Amazing
World to the West review

World to the West Review

World to the West originally came out in 2017 from Rain Games. But like so many indies, it’s now making its way to the Nintendo Switch. I never did get a chance to play World to the West on PC, ...

8.1 Great

Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure Review

You may not think it, but Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure is one of the Switch’s best party games. The premise of a light-hearted dodgeball game might seem a little off, but that’s why it ...

8 Great
Furi switch review

Furi Review

Furi is one of the many games I wanted to play on PC or console but never got around to purchasing. Lucky for me, French developer The Game Bakers decided to bring the game to the Switch in January, a...

8.5 Great
Escapists 2 switch review

The Escapists 2 Review

The Escapists 2 is the latest in a growing line of games making the port to Nintendo’s incredibly popular portable console. But is this sequel worth picking up on the Switch if you already own i...

8 Great

Bleed Review

Bleed is a fun game, despite a name that might make you think it’s super gory and hardcore. It’s fast, frenetic, and oddly lighthearted. The tale of a girl named Wryn wanting to be the ult...

7 Good
Sparkle Unleashed review

Sparkle Unleashed Review

As a portable gaming platform, Nintendo’s Switch has already taken huge games like Skyrim and squeezed them onto a small screen, bringing expansive worlds and epic quests to us as we venture out on ou...

7 Good
Tiny Metal review

Tiny Metal Review

While there has not been a new entry to the Advance Wars series since 2008, many other developers have stepped in to try and make a game to take its place. With Tiny Metal, AREA35 puts out their first...

7 Good
The Deer God review

The Deer God Review

Video games are often a power fantasy. You, the player, are put into the role of the hero or heroine with a special set of skills and powers, along with a mission, a hero’s journey. But, every once in...

6.5 Fair

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