Splatoon 2 review e3 2017 plans

Splatoon 2 Review

Splatoon 2 continues a grand Nintendo tradition: this is another in a long line of stellar first party offerings from Big N. Not only is Splatoon 2 every bit its predecessor’s better, but it could be ...

9 Amazing

GoNNER Review

GoNNER is hard. There’s no denying that. Originally released late last year on PC and Mac, today marks the launch of the official Switch port from Raw Fury Games and developer Art in Heart. A roguelik...

8 Great

ARMS Review

ARMS aims to do for boxing what Mario Kart did for go-kart racing and Splatoon did for the first person shooter. Take well-known concepts, sprinkle in some of that Nintendo magic to the mix, and end u...

8 Great

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