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Conan Exiles
Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is a brutal new online sandbox RPG from the creators of Age of Conan, and the mind of Robert E. Howard. Developed by Funcom studios in Oslo, Norway on the Unreal Engine 4, Conan Exiles takes a lot of inspiration from titles like Rust, DayZ, ARK, and even Minecraft. As a banished Exile from Conan's kingdom, it's your goal to grow stronger, gain influence over the world and the gods, and build your own kingdom in the wastelands of Hyboria.

Conan Exiles can be played online on official Funcom servers, online on private servers, or off-line by yourself or with friends. There are several game modes from PVE to PVP, Blitz, relaxed, hardcore, and even RP for those looking to recreate their own Cimmerian fantasies.

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