10 Cutest Video Game Monsters

Happy Halloween! I already treated you to psychological and zombified versions of our top 10 horror games. I don’t have any candy to hand out, so today I am going to treat you to the friendly side of monsters. Yep, even if they are our enemies and try to kill us, we still have to take a moment and admire their sweet side. So, before you head out to gather candy from strangers (or hit up a party or two if you are of age), check out our list of the 10 cutest video game monsters.

10 – Bundt

Game: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Bundt is probably the weirdest creature on this list. As its name suggest, Bundt is a cake. A big wedding cake that comes to life and attacks you to be exact, but even the thought of being killed by baked goods isn’t enough to knock Bundt off this list.

9 – Slimes

Game: Slime Rancher

When talking about slimes in video games, many people will go straight to Slime from the Dragon Quest games. I personally find the slimes in Slime Rancher to be just as cute, and being able to capture them and add them to your farm pushes these little cuties over the top. 

8 – Cactuar

Game: Final Fantasy Franchise

In a world full of fantastical creatures and fashion designs fit for a runway, it’s the simple Cactuar that finds its way into the number seven spot. I am most familiar with the low level Cactuar of FFXIV, but this prickly can be admired in several games in the franchise.

7 – Murlocs

Game: World of Warcraft

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I can’t imagine any beholder finding a Murloc beautiful. That doesn’t mean they aren’t cute in their own way. Anyone who has ever heard one of these fishy little buggers cooing as they try to chase you down knows what I am talking about.


6 – Ghosts

Game: Pac-Man

Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. And Sue from Ms. Pac-Man. No cute monster list would be complete without these big-eyed cuties. They are so unassuming and their AI gives you every chance in the world to survive, but if they ever touch you it’s an insta-kill. They are so cute whenever I eat a power pellet I almost feel bad about chasing them down and eating them. Almost.

5 – Goose

Game: Untitled Goose Game

It turns out that sometimes you are the cute little monster. Usually a goose running around terrorizing a small town is straight out of a 4 year old’s nightmare, but when you’re the goose, well, it’s just precious. (Check out our recent review of this game of the year contender)

4 – Pikmin

Game: Pikmin

Why hasn’t this game been remade for the Switch yet? These colorful plant-like minions are always willing to do your bidding. A single Pikmin is cute, but a swarm of them is downright adorable. Seeing a group of them running around your screen creates the same feeling you get when you walk by the cat lady’s house down the street, except the exact opposite.

3 – Hamster

Game: Toejam And Earl

There are plenty of cute characters in Toejam and Earl – Shopping cart lady, the chubby Cupid, even the mailbox mimic, but none of them compare to the cuteness of the giant hamster. The first time you roll up on him and wake him from his peaceful slumber he will return the favor by rolling up on you. 

2 – Boo

Game: Mario Franchise

Barely edging out Shy Guy to represent the long-running franchise, Boo earns extra points for being a ghost on Halloween. Blending the friendly shape of a fish with the hanging tongue of a puppy, I just want to scoop Boo up and give him a big hug.

1 – Pokemon

Game: Pokemon

There are too many cute creatures in Pokemon to pick just one. Even if I did, there’s a good chance you will think I’m nuts, so just pick your favorite and call it a day. At the top of my list are Jigglypuff, Clefairy, and Cubone. It’s no wonder Ash wants to catch them all.

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