Aldred Knight Switch Quick Hit Review – Great Knight For A Platformer!

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There are so many independent (“indie”) games out on the Nintendo Switch platform that there is sure to be something for everyone. Granted, graphically,  some of these games aren’t going to win “graphics of the year” contests. But even so, a lot of these indie games pack a lot of value into a minimal amount of coins. Case in point is the 2D platformer from QUByte Interactive called Aldred Knight! This is our Nintendo Switch Quick Hit review of Aldred Knight!

A Tale For A Great Knight!
Aldred Knight Story Screen

It all rests on your mighty shoulders!

Simply enough, in Aldred Knight, you play a male swordsman of the divine flame. Your goal is to get through many obstacles laden with bosses in order to rid the kingdom of great evil.

All of this is done in a classic, 2D platforming design. If you’ve played Castlevania, Metroid, etc. you’ll be right at home here.

Classic Thumb Twitching Fun!
Aldred Knight Level

Timed jumps a “time” honored tradition

There are very few surprises here for a veteran 2D platformer enthusiast. You’ll need to time your jumps and attacks against mobs that have their own “cyclical patterns”. Some of the mobs even jump at you making for more tension.

You have your starting number of “hit points”, initially around four. Once your hit points are depleted you need to restart the level. You have your platform jumping and double-high jumping all requiring precision and timing. You’ll collect gold coins to buy items, e.g. life and energy potions (for spells) and upgrades, more on that below.

Some Knights In Shining Armor
Aldred Knight Skills Selection

Nice attribute upgrades, for a price

While the game is a great throwback to classic 2D platformers it does contain some nice touches. For example, as you progress through the unique screens you’ll be able to purchase upgrades for your avatar. Another thing that comes to mind is hidden among the levels are these “pink stones” you can find that will replenish a “hit point”.

Aldred Knight A New Spell Found

Plenty of treasure chests scattered throughout

There are also hidden chests spread through the levels that contain new spells, etc. The developers made it so even casual explorers are rewarded.

Aldred Knight Mission Complete

Oops I missed a purple coin

Another nice feature is recap screens are provided at the end of completion of a level that gives you some basic stats and allows you to replay the level. You also can charge up a “Transform” power-up which makes you temporarily invincible. This was a nice fallback to use to get through tough areas.

There is also the capability to load several weapons and spells. The developers used the ZL / L buttons to act as weapon scroll keys during play and ZR / R to do the same for “spells”. Controls were responsive and gameplay was fluid.

Compare To: Castlevania

Note: A Nintendo Switch eShop code was provided for the purpose of this review.

If you're a gamer who enjoys a classic 2D platformer then look no further than Aldred Knight. While Aldred Knight won't bowl you over with new features it does make for a fun, button mashing distraction. For the mere price of $1.99 USD, less than a cup of coffee, on the Nintendo Switch eShop you can't go wrong by trying!
  • Classic 2D platformer
  • Varied level design
  • Some nice features, e.g. upgrades
  • Nothing ground breaking here
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