An Interview with NASCAR Infinity Driver Noah Gragson on Racing and PUBG Mobile


Recently PUBG Mobile found a new person to sponsor, and that person is NASCAR Infinity Series Racer Noah Gragson. From his mobile device to his car, and his jumpsuit, PUBG Mobile is taking its popularity to new heights. We had a chance to talk with Noah about his time racing and playing PUBG Mobile. You can check out the full interview below. Enjoy!

Gamespace: What drew you into PUBG MOBILE?

Noah Gragson: I really enjoy being able to play with my friends on PUBG MOBILE, especially with how smooth the game runs and operates. It’s an awesome mobile game that’s really fun and lets you just play with your friends and kind of get away from the racing and relax until the next time we have to go to the track.

PUBG Mobile 2

Gamespace: PUBG MOBILE can be pretty competitive, do you find that it can be just as competitive as racing?

Noah: I definitely feel like there are a lot of similarities between racing and PUBG MOBILE They are both very, very competitive with a lot of great drivers and players that you are going against at the same time. It’s a lot different from regular sports where you’re competing against just one other team or person. Here you’re competing against multiple teams and players, whether that is on the track or in the game, which makes it all the more fun and challenging.

Gamespace: How does it feel to have PUBG MOBILE as the main sponsor for your race car?

Noah: PUBG MOBILE is a really, really cool sponsor. Our Chevrolet Camaro looks awesome and my firesuit looks really cool. To be able to have them onboard, especially with how popular PUBG Mobile is, it’s really special. It’s the most popular mobile game and I am honored and privileged to be able to carry their colors.

Gamespace: How often do you find yourself playing PUBG MOBILE? And how long is your normal duration of play?

Noah: I play PUBG MOBILE two or three times a week usually. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on how busy our race schedule is. But, I normally play with a couple of my friends for anywhere from an hour to four or five hours depending on how many games we play and how well we are doing.

PUBG Mobile 1

Gamespace: How do you prepare yourself each week for racing NASCAR?

Noah: Heading into each race weekend, I keep my preparation focused on going to the shop to debrief with my crew chief, going to the gym to keep my fitness as strong as possible, going to the simulator for some additional practice, watching film and looking over the notes I have taken from prior races to see where I executed well and to see where I need to do better each weekend at the track. It can keep you really busy throughout the week, but I feel like PUBG Mobile gives me the opportunity to relax after I get done at the end of the day and take my mind off of everything and have some fun.

Note: I just want to thank Noah for the time he took out from PUBG Mobile and Racing to talk with us for a little while. We truly appreciate the opportunity to sit down with him.

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