An SCDKey Special Offer: Monster Hunter World PC For Just $51.23

The SCDKey folks have partnered with us once again to bring you all a special offer. This is a sponsored post, but in the famous words of car salesmen everywhere: “We’re passing the savings on to YOU!” Any purchase you make from SCDKey can be made all the cheaper via our exclusive 3% off coupon “Gamespace”. Just make sure to apply it at checkout! We’ve collected some of the more killer deals below, including a nice low-cost edition of Capcom’s Monster Hunter World on the PC, which goes live today!

What are you waiting for?  Special 3% Discount Code: Gamespace

  • Monster Hunter: World PC Key  | Original price: $66.89 – Sale price: $51.23 (after discount code)
  • Monster Hunter: World Deluxe Edition | Original price: $82.15 – Sale price: $63.75 (after discount code)
  • ARK Survival Evolved PC  | Original price: $70.41 – Sale price: $38.13 (after discount code)
  • PlayStation Network 50 USD | Original price: $50.00 – Sale price: $46.64  (after discount code)
  • Xbox Live 12 Months Gold Membership | Original price: $70.41 – Sale price: $44.96 (after discount code)

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  1. “Monster Hunter: World PC Key | Original price: $66.89”? Uh no it’s not. That’s $6.90 higher than the actual retail price.

    Look, I LOVE keysites. I use them often. But I am in the minority. Most gamers are scared of them. They think their shady. This kind of pricing BS reinforces this. If I was you guys I would take this down immediately. Just saying. You saw the outrage when you advertised this site on This looks worse.

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