Bite the Bullet Quick Hit Review


Are you hungry? It’s time to eat your veggies, alien creatures, and even machines as you try to make your character as fat as possible in this roguelite RPG shooter, Bite The Bullet. The developers over at Mega Cat Studios have a huge appetite for chaos and destruction and they wanted to filter that into their title. So let’s take a look at how it plays.

Some things were done right with Bite The Bullet and some things seem to have gone wrong from my perspective. Firstly, the concept of this RPG shooter is pretty cool. You have a choice between a male and a female character to run. Whichever one you choose will become your main eater, because they will get very fat very fast. It is seriously funny how much they can eat, and eating helps you earn points to level up your skill tree, which helps you become a better eater. It is honestly hysterical to watch your character get fatter as you progress through the levels.


Weapons can be found by killing enemies and they go from basic levels to increased rarity as you play. You can also level up your guns by eating specific kinds of enemies. After you have consumed them a crafting menu pops up which gives you a few different options to choose from but they won’t always have available upgrades for you, especially if you eat one of the plants or something else that has gone bad. Which is another topic altogether. Each type of food has different health perks and or negatives to consuming something. You could get buffed up by one food, but depending on your skills learned or type of food you could also get de-buffs which also make you throw up and shrink in size. This brings up another feature that exists when you eat enough, turning into a Zombro form. It is a form that makes you into a monster and you basically smash the forces you fight into small bits and you can still eat them.

Now, we get into the bad, and we will start with the controls. So, Bite The Bullet is a co-op game that you can play locally with two players. When I try to play it with my controller it adds a second player and doesn’t allow you to play with only one character. You have to move the one character off of the screen to be able to use the second person correctly. This is absolutely frustrating when you want to play a game like this with a controller or gamepad. Using a mouse and keyboard is fine but the keyboard controls get hectic at times and that makes it difficult to move forward, especially since you have to point your character in the direction you want them to shoot. This is the most problematic thing I have seen with this title though and everything else seems to make up a fun RPG shooter.


Overall, Bite The Bullet is a new type of RPG shooter that added an eating element to level up your character and weapons. It features some good mechanics and some bad ones that could be changed to make the title better. I feel that it is a game that I will continue to play and that I feel other people will have a good time playing.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Steam with a code provided by PR.

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