Equality in Gaming Pt.6-Finale


Alright, we’re back to another interlude about equality in gaming, and this time it’s actually a finale. I’ve talked to you about accessibility, representation, and a bunch of other stuff, and honestly, there’s only so much I can talk about before I start repeating myself. If you haven’t gotten a clue by my pseudo rants, then it’s time for someone else to pick up the baton to reach you. Potentially with a baton.

The thing is, when it comes to women in gaming, we really do just want to be one of the guys. We want the same amount of characters, the same quality of games, and the same kind of respect towards our person. We want to be intrepid heroes, crazy psychos, intellectual prodigies, superheroes and all the rest, too. Maybe it’s easier if you just lump all of humanity together and just call us “people” instead of separating us out so you can exclude some and not others.

We don’t need special things. We sure as hell don’t want you to throw in more female characters just because. Tokens are just another way to slap someone in the face with how little you care, and how little respect you have for their intelligence since you assume they won’t understand they’re being insulted or pacified like children. Throw in women because there are women…in real life even. Yeah, we do exist. In fact, there’s a lot of us.

yeah, even the elderly should be able to play whatever they want, when they want-you go, grandma!

There’s no such thing as girl games or boy games, there are just different games, and different people do enjoy different things, regardless of gender or sex. Some people might love LoL while others might loathe it. Their gender isn’t *really* an indicator-though fewer women may be playing after some of the creeptastic stuff that has happened over at Riot, but from what I understand there was equal opportunity abuse there (no- if you want to know go Google it, I don’t have the time or space for it in this article, or, honestly, the contacts).

Point being, people will enjoy the games they will enjoy. Doing this “gendered” approach is silly. It isn’t like you can test participants to make sure no other gender plays the “wrong” game, so you will, instead have people just playing what they like.

I get it, you have some old people in high places who have problems learning that genitals don’t operate every other bodily organ. Some of them might even think other people are nothing but giant ambulatory genitals (welll…there are days)…but we’re all human beings. We have brains, and we have thoughts and we all have individual likes and dislikes that have nothing to do with what gender we are. So gendering games is silly. Selecting out one gender or group of people is silly.

We’re really all the same, in that we’re all different. This isn’t the fifties, no one is going to break my hands for playing Division 2. In fact, pretty sure Ubisoft is happy to have me and shooing me out because I’m female isn’t on their agenda. I’m not a <insert Ferengi voice> feeeeemale, I’m just a gamer. I’m a customer.

And that should always be more important than my hormones, my skin color, my religion or any other life factor that affects my preference of games not at all. My wallet buys games. I play them. I am more than able to walk it away if you want to insist on being stupid, and I highly doubt I’m the only one. Treat women and minorities like people and stop trying to put stupid arbitrary exclusions in. We want to give you money and play your games. Take our money and be happy.

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