Exclusive Interview with Devs Behind Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast

Gordon Ramsay's Chef Blast Review

Today’s a big day for fans of Michelin star chef and reality TV star Gordon Ramsay thanks to the arrival of a new mobile game, Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast. We had the opportunity to interview the team behind this match-2 game to learn more about it and, yes, to find out if Gordon was involved in its creation. Read on!

Gamespace: The question on everybody’s mind: Did you get to meet and work with Gordon Ramsay in person?

Outplay: Yes, we did! Due to the worldwide situation, we did the responsible thing of course and met virtually. I’m a longtime fan and it was a dream come true to be able to talk to and work with the master. Thankfully he liked the game a lot and we had a great time making Chef Blast.

Gamespace: How involved is Mr. Ramsay in the game’s development?

Outplay: Gordon and his team were involved from the very early days, reviewing concepts and providing feedback. In our meetings, I was impressed by how he genuinely cared about making a good game. He also recorded over 200 lines of voice over! Actually, Gordon is not the only Ramsay who took an interest – he mentioned even his kids had been playing and having fun with the game.

Gamespace: Match 3 games are very popular but Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast is a match 2 game. Is there a big difference? Why the change?

Outplay: They’re very similar but match 2 games are faster, blasty-er, and just plain more fun (in my opinion). This style of gameplay is better suited to the fun & exciting tone we wanted for Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast.

Gamespace: Besides match 2 gameplay, what other gameplay features are in Chef Blast?

Outplay: Every 2 weeks there is a new Gordon Ramsay recipe – many of which are exclusives you won’t find published anywhere else! Players take part in the recipe event to unlock new recipes and impress friends & family by trying to recreate them at home.

There is also the daily challenge, where you can attempt to serve Gordon a dish… but do your best because if Chef Ramsay is not happy he certainly will not hesitate to tell you! There are also leaderboards that allow players to compare their success to other Chef Blast players as they strive to ascend into the elite ranks of the top 100 worldwide or regional Chefs.

Gordon Ramsay's Chef Blast 1

Gamespace: Most mobile games feature microtransactions. What type of microtransactions will this game have?

Outplay: If you would like a little extra assistance, you can buy coins that can be used to buy boosts, extra moves, lives, and other bonuses.

Gamespace: Many mobile gamers worry about paywalls and pay-to-play mechanics. How do you respond to them with specific regard to Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast?

Outplay: There is a fair bit of luck involved, but skill matters too – get strategic about where & when you create your special rockets & bombs and you can increase your chances of beating that level! We have levels that are intended to provide a challenge, but never an unfair challenge, so we keep a close eye on each level’s “win rate” and adjust the available moves on any levels that are too hard.

Gamespace: What plans do you have for the game’s future and keeping the game fresh for years to come?

Outplay: The #1 request from players is usually more levels, so we are releasing new levels every other week. Along with each new set of levels, there is also a new recipe to unlock (many of which are exclusive to the game).

The first big new feature players can look forward to is teams. Teams let you join up with other players to chat, socialize, and share lives. We’ll definitely also start introducing a whole bunch of special and seasonal events.

Beyond that we are interested to hear from players: what would they like to see us add or change? Players can let us know through the game’s “contact us” feature or in the comments on our Facebook page!

Gamespace: When does Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast come out in the US?

Outplay: Thursday, 14th January 2021

Outplay Entertainment

Gamespace: What other games have you developed? Have you ever worked with celebrities before?

Outplay: Outplay has been making mobile games for over 10 years now, and if you like casual games, this is the place for you! Search for Outplay on either app store to give our other titles like Crafty Candy Blast, Mystery Match, or Alien Creeps TD a try.

Gamespace: Please add anything else you think our readers would like to know.

Outplay: Thank you for the opportunity to interview the team!

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