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A preview of the lore of Extinction.

Extinction is a new game coming from Iron Galaxy and is ready to rumble forth in the very near future. As part of the ramp up to release, we’ll be sharing some of the game’s lore told from the perspective of in-game characters. You’ll be able to read a week’s worth of story vignettes here at MMORPG.com and over at GameSpace.com, so keep checking back to learn more about Extinction!

From the writings of the Old Man

1042 Dolorum Reckoning

To say that the Ravenii’s return to our world was unforeseen is utter folly.  The very existence of the Sentinels should have forestalled any doubt about the existence of the world-breakers, but humanity was quick to erase the conquerors and their minions from record.  The Sentinels themselves collectively became a relic of a distant time, relegated to the position of spectator in the Council of Kingdoms.  Gular, Callum, Multnomah, and Guin fought and squabbled for a century, seeking to divide and distribute territories that, in the bloodthirsty minds of the Ravenii, would always be borrowed lands, ready to be re-claimed.

Gular was the worst of the lot.  Vulturous ambition had stumbled upon the ruins of a previous civilization, and the result was a den of thieves that had more resources than it knew what to do with.  Treasure hunters poured in from far and wide, stumbling over themselves in an attempt to plunder the lost fortunes of a sunken city whose name had been forgotten an age prior.  Brothels and saloons fought for supremacy in attracting the attention of mercenary companies, and not a few adventurers found their fortune – or their fate – in the depths below Gularram and its environs.

It was into this chamber pot of a province that Avil was born, and Gular’s cynicism has stayed with the boy.  It colors his view of the world, providing him with an uncompromising moral compass that is jaded from first-hand experience with the dark side of humanity.  Avil’s memory of his early life stays his hand with mercy for some, and drives him to ruthlessness with others.  He has an innate, if untempered, skill with the sword, and his mind and body respond well to his training despite his penchant for recklessness.

Would that I had a hundred Avils when the Ravenii came for Gular.

Read more about Extinction, which launches on April 10th, over at the official website.

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