FANTASY HERO Unsigned Legacy Review: Grind City

Not quite a memorable tale...
Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy Review

FANTASY HERO ~unsigned legacy~ is the latest port from Arc System Works on the Nintendo Switch console.  Originally a PS Vita game, ported over recently to the Switch, this game is very much a JRPG with elements from games such as Phantasy Star Online.  Four years after the original launch, met with mixed reviews, many negative, how does it stack up on the Switch?

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As you might have thought, this is an action JRPG, it involves a lot of back and forth grinding.  Mechanics are simple and not unlike the many JRPG games that have come before it.  You have a stat system and a skill system to power up your character with, as well as upgrading your weapon.  Like games such as Phantasy Star Online, you accept quests from a bulletin board, one at a time though, and go out to complete it.  You can increase the difficulty on each quest in the off chance the quest wasn’t hard enough, or you wanted to do it again only more difficult.  Each quest you complete allows you to use a “scratcher” mini-game at the vendor NPC.  This is a scratch off game, you get 3 chances to either lose, or win a prize according to the color you receive.  These prizes range from materials to equipment, so it’s the games way of giving you a little extra loot outside of the playfield.

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I liked the idea that this was a game similar to Phantasy Star Online.  I was rather disappointed to know how limited and very simple this game actually is.  Unlike Phantasy Star Online, it lacks variety.  Variety in zones, variety in monsters, it’s just rather lacking.  However, if you did enjoy the gameplay of Phantasy Star Online, you very well might like this game as well.  I’m not saying it’s horrible, it’s just lacking in many regards, mainly variety.  If you only have 30 minutes to spend playing, it could be a great time sink.  If you’ve got hours, it gets repetitive and boring very fast.  Nothing like accepting quest after quest, only to continually run the same map, killing the same mobs over and over again.


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The action combat and skill system is it’s saving grace.  I found combat to be fun.  Being able to customize your character how you like with skills and stats, as well as upgrading your weapon, it was fun.  Being an action combat system, there is no pause.  Therefore to heal you really have to know what you’re doing or be totally safe.  I never did find a way to hotkey healing items, so I was constantly running, going into the menu to inventory and healing before heading right back to combat.  The whole time running trying to stay away and survive.


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Final thoughts

FANTASY HERO ~unsigned legacy~ leaves a lot to be desired.  With the heavily negative reviews from the original release, I expected a bit more from the Switch launch.  With the lackluster story and seemingly simple design, it’s just not what I would call a good game.  It’s fun for short periods of time, but anything more than 30 minutes it just gets boring.  If you were a fan of Phantasy Star Online, or games similar in design, you will enjoy this game, to an extent.  If you aren’t into grinding games, or action JRPG games in general, save yourself a lot of headache, it’s not for you.

FANTASY HERO Unsigned Legacy Review Score: 5/10

  • Character Design
  • Action Combat is fun
  • Skill system
  • Level design severely lacking
  • Story
  • Variety
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