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Zoinks! That’s not just a word to accentuate surprise anymore; it is actually the development team behind Fe, a new platformer that’s hitting the virtual shelves today.  While our review is on the way pending further investigative playtime, first impressions are keeping hopes high for what may be one of the most unique platformers that we have seen in a long time.

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Fe, the game, follows a tiny bipedal foxlike creature, also known as Fe, along on a journey, to what end at this time the details are shrouded by curious storytelling, all of which up to this point are devoid of any words, and told through actions and atmosphere.  For example, the first time you meet a Silent One, which are large, cyclopean creatures that appear to be capturing your woodland creature friends for some ill-fated dealings, if they detect your presence, their eye glows red and cuts through their surroundings as they chase you.  It kind of reminds me of the scene in E.T. when they’re searching the woods for him, and the flashlights signal impending doom. Does E.T. still count as a pop-culture reference in 2018?

Visually, the stark geometrical styling of Fe is nothing short of beautiful and is exacerbated by a cool undertone which only accentuates objects that you’re meant to interact with when you see them.  Barring any actual combat introduced in the later game, Fe interacts with animals and objects through song, requiring you to match the pitch perfectly in order to win them over.  As you move along through this alien forest you’ll encounter obstacles that you won’t be able to cross without finding crystals that grant you new abilities, such as climbing or gliding, which will be indispensable during your quest.

Fe 2

Keep your eyes peeled for our full review later this month, but in the meantime, if you find yourself a fan of action-adventure styled platformers, Fe might just be what you’re looking for.  It certainly has hit the right spots for me so far, but if you’re still on the fence, wait for the full review coming soon.

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