Gaming Unscripted – PUBG Revisited


When last we visited the world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, we were talking about updates to the game and what types of things were changed, etc. etc. On Wednesday, after the most recent update) we said goodbye to a version of Erangel that we all have played on since the beginning. With that patch came new updates to weapons, vehicles, and the most important, Erangel 2.0 has been launched.

In this new update, we have seen quite a few changes, the biggest change is to the overall map. The map now has thicker and more colorful grass for hiding. The buildings on the map have all gone through a huge overhaul. Some of the houses now have secret basements that are makeshift bases for the people in the “story” of Erangel. Different factions were at play and they have secret areas all over the island. Other locations have had complete changes in terms of how the building layouts are, and statues added in place of fewer quality structures. Overall there were a lot of things that changed to make the map prettier, and to bring it in line with the graphic styles of Sanhok and Vikendi.


Some important game changes happened before, and after the new update as well. Since our last article on PUBG, we have had the airdrop vehicle changed from the Armored UAZ to the BRDM Amphibious Assault Vehicle. A new weapon has also been added and it was a welcome sight for those of you who use pistols a lot. It is like going home to SOCOM from all those years ago, but we finally have the dreaded Desert Eagle in-game. With this new weapon, it only takes a couple of well-placed headshots to destroy your enemy. It is a .45 caliber weapon so you shouldn’t have any problems finding ammo for it.

Now, as far as Erangel 2.0 is concerned this patch brought some buffs and debuffs to different weapons. The most notable is the decrease in damage for the 5.56 weapons and an increase in the damage of the Kar98 while decreasing the damage on the M24. The Vector has also received a buff for being an SMG and I know firsthand how well it does against someone even with level 3 armor on. Another welcome change to weapons is the Mini Uzi as it now can add a holo or red dot sight to the gun. This gives you more ways to use the gun and makes it a valid gun to use even after the initial drops.

Enter season pass #4 and we have a party. Adding all-new daily, weekly, champion, and other types of missions to can accomplish while in the game. During season three we were introduced to specified gun challenges, and that has continued into season 4 with several different guns. The notable ones are the Scar, Mini 14, and the Vector. The more missions you unlock with these and other guns, the more you will earn through experience, bp, and being able to get skins for your guns that are rare and not purchasable.

All in all, I have loved the updates to Erangel 2.0 and the game overall so far as its only day two or three for the season. These types of changes will help to reinvigorate a community of gamers who have potentially gotten bored lately. I see this update as a positive step forward in making sure we have the best quality game to play. Thanks for reading check out this cool clip of me taking care of business and catch you next time.

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