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I took a lot of pictures while we were at the GDA, and some helpful folks were willing to help me put names and faces to some of the people in the pictures I got. I didn’t get names from everyone, so pardon me if I don’t have them labelled. Also, these are only *some * of the pictures, since we took over a hundred and I didn’t want to explode the site. 😛

Not a random guy after all-though apparently he gets that a lot-apprently, this is Shane who works with KB Games, hi Shane!

Left to Right (from Hothead games): Mitchell, Rupert and Peter-posing (as instructed) with tablets showing some of their games.

I believe this is Sadegh from MOAD, I have his card, so I’m *pretty sure* I’ve got the name right.

Another spin on Charlie’s angels? The blonde is Lori, the bald one is Mark (both from Cold Furnace games) and the brunette is Selena from Ubisoft.


Left to Right: Jeff, president of ISNS, and co-founder of Alpha Dog Games, “Animator Steve” (yes that’s literally what he got tagged as), and Selena from Ubisoft again. Like any talented photographer I got to tag Jeff just after he took a bite of something-go me!

Art from Dagger Woods-a VR project being made by MOAD based on a local legend of the area





Jeff kicking off the GDA, this time without me catching him in a anawkward position.

Chris, from Ubisoft Halifax talking about telemetry and how to find out what youy players are actually doing. Yeah, it’s totally spying









Swag pics!

I didn’t get all of this, but I got most of it. Forgot to pick up a hoodie this year, so I guess that just means I have to go back next year, gosh darn it!

Pins for the GDA-not so sure about showing a pirate theme for a game dev conference, if you know what I mean, but it looked cool.

Yet more stickers-for the ISNS-as you may note I went around taking pics of the tables while people were out giving presentations or getting food.

Fallout T shirt and nuka cola girl pin from Alpha Dog-who got acquired recently by Bethseda (grats guys!)

Hoodies t shirts and caps, I *meant* to pick up a hoodie but forgot. Dammit. Guess I’ll just have to go back next year 😉

Stuff from HB games-t shirts frisbee and lanyards-they didn’t have their VR golf set up, because Dagger Woods had one and they didn’t want to crowd the floor, but they did have some of their other offerings up and available.







And the food! Look at this spread! It was delicious and provided with the ticket.

I also have a picture of the salads and soup warmer, but come on, it’s salad, noone wants to see that.

I don’t know who he is, I know he’s attached to someone somewhere, or at least knows folks in the industry, but didn’t get a name-but hey-look at the dessert table-also tasty and better than salad.








The after-party! Alpha Dog hosted it at Niche, which was an industrial ish themed pub and had our own area set up because it’s apparently pretty popular with the locals. I had a lot of fun, got to talk to a lot of folks and took a lot of pictures. Honestly, I have a lot from the GDA, but not all were quite up to being posted, and I only have so many comments I can add to pictures where people weren’t kind enough to identify themselves, so I’ll just leave these, to give a good idea of the vibe. The GDA was a ton of fun, it had some great panels from devs in the industry and was well worth the visit if you ever have the chance. Highly recommended. And, if you don’t fancy pub parties afterward, there’s always the cabaret across the street.

Camille-of-the-awesome-hair (she has stars shaved in patterns in her undercut) and her s/o enjoying the free food and sociability.

Rebecca from Reframe Games, and from HB studios. Some people apparently just like to be mysterious. And close their eyes in pictures.

People chillin’ and hanging out. I think there’s at least three different studios represented in this pic. I wasn’t kidding when I talked about how the studios all come together in the area.

I think these are all Ubisoft Halifax folks, but I’m not sure. At least half of them are..close enough, right?

More free food-also we got drink tickets. Niiice. ….No, I don’t know whose butt that is.

The dip tricked me-I took a huge mouthful and my tongue caught fire. Thankfully the deep fried cheese helped. Yes, you heard me, deep fried cheese. It’s no wonder the one pic I saw of me is a bloated mess.

Folks from Alpha Dog, who made sure to remind me “we love daddy Bethseda” as we chatted. I suppose that’s better than “mommy Bethseda” but still…..

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