Genshin Impact Beginner Tips And Tricks

Genshin Impact, the new free to play gacha adventure game from miHoYo, is proof of just how fast the pendulum swings in the gaming world. Before it launched the general vibe I was hearing was how it was just a cheap knockoff of Breath of the Wild filled with crappy loli anime (that may have been me that said this) and cash grab gacha mechanics. Now, almost three weeks after it released, gamers can’t get enough of Genshin Impact. Breath of the what? Who cares about that when we have Genshin Impact’s beautiful world with so many places to explore and puzzles to solve? Sure, it still has the anime and gacha character pulls, but it is a ton of fun. With the first update set to hit on November 11 now is the perfect time to take a peek and see why Genshin Impact has so many gamers popping off about how great it is. If you decide to give it a go, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started in the wonderful land of Teyvat.

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Many people have the belief that if you do your wishes one at a time instead of in groups of 10 you don’t get the guarantee of having a 4-star pull. That is not correct. Whether you spend them 1 at a time or in a group of 10 you still get the guaranteed pull. Using 10 wishes at a time also doesn’t prevent you from getting more than one 4-star or higher pull, either. 


In the early ranks of the game, it is easy to get carried away and try to upgrade all of your characters and gear. This is a bad idea! First off, even if you think your current characters are awesome, sooner or later you’re going to pull the tier 5 characters you really want. If you leveled up all your other characters then you won’t have the resources you need to get your favorites ranked up. This happens because it doesn’t take a lot of resources to rank up in the early levels and getting the resources you do need is as easy as gathering candy on Halloween. But, just like when you run out of candy two days after Halloween, using up all of your resources on your early characters will leave you lacking when it’s time to level up your dream team. 

Focus on keeping your main damage dealer ahead of the curve while keeping the rest of your party just high enough to handle whatever content you are trying to complete. That way, when you do finally start pulling the 5-star characters and weapons, you’ll still have enough resources to rank them up quickly.


Combat effectiveness is important when putting your party together. The weaker characters aren’t totally useless though. Having certain characters in your group can enhance your exploration efforts. For example, did you catch that having Amber in your group decreases your gliding stamina consumption by 20%? Not too shabby. Be sure to check each character’s talents before tossing them onto the discard pile.

Even poor fighters have useful talents

Once your roster gets big enough you’ll still end up with a few characters that you never plan on using. Just like those “friends” in real life that you only call when you need help moving, you can put unused companions to work for you by sending them out on expeditions at the Adventurers Guild. When your companion returns they will bring a few resources with them. It’s not a lot but everything helps.


If you have a lower-tier artifact with good stats go ahead and level it up to gain the bonuses right away. It will help you farm faster, allowing you to gather more trash to fuel your upgrades. The best part is artifacts can be swapped between characters, so finding a new, better character doesn’t mean your gear has to go into storage as well.


You may not know about it during your first few ranks, but sooner or later you are going to kill a boss and have to use the special resource, Resin, to open the chest. Resin is the typical free to play energy cooldown resource that limits the amount of content you can gobble up without having to take a break or pay to replenish so you can game on non-stop. Your resin maxes out at 120 and is used up in chunks of 20 or 40 depending on what reward you are collecting. Your resin supply automatically replenishes at 1 resin per 8 minutes (16 hours to go from 0 to max) and letting it max out means you are losing out. A good way to get maximum usage is to expend it all right before logging out. That way it doesn’t max out while you’re busy with those secondary tasks like your job and sleep.


It doesn’t take long to figure out there are very few places in Teyvat that don’t have something to discover or collect. Teleporters, shrines, dungeons, anemoculus, the list goes on and on. If you’re like me, there are just too many to keep track of. Fortunately, the gang over at has taken the time to put together an interactive map of Teyvat that shows you all of the spots you need to know about. I personally love going through a game and finding things on my own, but the first time I opened this map up I realized that wasn’t going to be possible. 

Just a small portion of the Genshin Impact map. So many things to find!


Genshin Impact is free to play and, in all regards, you can build a decent team capable of taking on the most difficult content the game has to offer without spending a dime. Not everyone is willing to settle for decent, and those players have been throwing money at the gotcha (see what I did there?) system to the tune of over $100 million since Genshin’s release. I’m not here to tell you whether you should spend money to find that elusive 5-star character you can’t live without. No, I’m just going to remind you that your chances of pulling what you want when you buy wishes is still very, very low. 

We’re talking less than a 2% chance (1.6% to be exact) to pull a random 5 star on the standard wish banner. And that doesn’t even mean your first 5-star will be the one you want. The Standard Wish banner doesn’t give a greater chance to pull a character just because it’s listed on the banner. That type of goodness is reserved for the Character Event Wish and Weapon Event Wish. 

Be careful what you wish for. Smash the Details button to how poor your chances really are.

Before blowing your paycheck make sure you read the details for each wish banner. The details will list the actual percentages and a full list of included characters and items that can be pulled. Once you are informed, go crazy if you want. I need someone to pay for this game so I can keep playing for free.

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