Ghostory Review – An Indie Puzzler Worth Your Time

Ghostory review

Do you love puzzle games? How about ones that get progressively more complicated the more levels you beat? Then you will love Ghostory. Ghostory is a cool 2D puzzle platformer that you might want to look into it. This game has been in the works 2 years and it will release on October 23rd. This is our Ghostory review.

In Ghostory you play a guy who accidentally gets the ability to shift to and from a ghost form. You must use this ability to overcome the many puzzles that await you in this game in hopes to find a way to return to normal. Ghostory has been in the works for 2 years and I can see the passion poured into this game. These puzzles are not your average easy to figure out puzzles. In the beginning, they may seem easy but the puzzles do get progressively more difficult as you go. I personally had moments where I had to get up and walk away to clear the brain and come back to look at them differently.

Ghostory review

If you can manage to rocket pass levels and get stuck on a super hard puzzle do not fret. Ghostory does allow and gives you 2 skips. That’s 2 levels you can skip and don’t have to do…unless you want those skips back. Yes, you heard me right. You can get the level skips back if you go back and complete the levels you decided to skip. I find this to be a good system to have in the game because there is a possibility that maybe the next level helps you figure out what how you could conquer the previous level.

As I stated before, some puzzles are frustratingly tough. I mean in ways of me staring at them, hand on chin saying, “What are you?” While that may turn some people off, I like a game that challenges me mentally. Ghostory for me does that, it gives my brain a great work out. After a while, it will seem a little repetitive or you may get tired of seeing the purple cave background. At that point, I say take a break then come back later. Now as that kind of challenge may not be for some that are my “heads up” to those who see it as the downside. If you are into it give Ghostory a try.

ghostory review

I can see why it took 2 years to make Ghostory. It has good music, challenging puzzles, good pixel art, and an intriguing story. Don’t let the pixels fool you into thinking this will be an easy feat. Maybe it will be for some of you people out there who are good with puzzles it will be. In the end, though it will be a good time and a good challenge. To those who pick up this cool indie title on October 23rd let me know down below what level stumped you the longest and which you had to skip.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on PC with a code provided by PR.


  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Level Skips
  • Intriguing Story
  • Can feel a bit repetitive


  1. Would have been a cool Switch game as I was kind of hoping when I landed on this review 🙂

  2. I agree. I think if RigidCore games considers it in the future it would make for a great puzzle game to for on the go with the Switch.

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