How Among Us Allows Crossplay on Mobile and PC

Among Us

During September, the whole world – both gamers and non-gamers did not expect a game on mobile to take over the world with its fun gameplay and unique mechanics. Among Us became the rising star right after Fall Guys when it came to the most players online. Over millions have joined together to become both the suspect and the victims in a thrilling game of cat and mouse where trust is a weapon and eyes should be keen.

With its accessibility for both PC and mobile games, Innersloth’s title truly made everyone experience a new twist in multiplayer games. But do players on PC and mobile connect? Yes, they can. Let’s take a deep dive down into the vent and see how this works.

How Among Us Lets You Play With Mobile and PC Players

It seems impossible at first, but whether you play on mobile or PC, you can always connect to both types of players. After all, it is a simple game with no exaggerated graphics, over-the-top music, or the need for a connection made for competitive games.

This is all thanks to the developers’ cross-platform engine – allowing the game to be usable on both mobile and PC and even connect in the game. It’s great knowing that this game is accessible to all players under these platforms. On mobile, it is free, but you can pay for it to remove the ads. On PC, you only need to pay $3 for it. Their payment also supports the developers behind the game.

The Difference between Playing on PC and Mobile

Is the experience any better when playing Among Us on PC or mobile? The answer is: it depends. Some like it on a portable touch screen, while others think it is much better to play the PC. Let’s break down the two and see some of the differences.


You can play Among Us on Steam for just $3. Once you install the game, you can connect to both mobile and PC players. The best part about the game on PC is that the controls are a no-brainer. WSAD to move and the mouse to navigate whatever pops up on the screen.

Typing is also easier because – of course – you are using a keyboard, giving you those extra seconds to either tell who the impostor is or defend yourself.

Graphics-wise, the only difference is the better resolutions, and that’s it. Music and gameplay remain the same. However, some players found a loophole through game emulators like Bluestacks and NOX. The game Among Us is free on those game platforms, and you can play them smoothly on the PC.

Among Us 1


Most of the players are since the game doesn’t even need a high-powered PC to run the game. For instance, even an 8-year old phone can run the game smoothly. You have two options for the controls: d-pad or touch. This depends on you, and controls are simple enough for both sides.

Typing can be difficult since the game plays on a landscape view. This is incredibly hard when you have a large phone or tab. Because you will need to reach out for those letters, which cost some precious seconds to tell who the suspect is or if you are trying to defend yourself.

As for graphics, there’s no problem. It’s all 2D anyway, and the game uses small resources to not burn your phone. Everything else about the mobile version is excellent. The only problem here is the absurd amount of ads that pop up every match. But, you can always pay it off with just a couple of dollars. It also supports the developers behind the game.

 PC or Mobile, It Doesn’t Matter.

Either way, you will always be matchmade with PC players, mobile users, and Filipinos. The game is fun and exciting, no matter what platform you choose, especially with friends and a session on Discord.

If you want to check the game for free on PC without an emulator’s need, then visit

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