Exploring the Shadowy World of Numbra in Light Fall

Piercing the Darkness.

The front end of 2018 has been filled with incredible and risk-taking indie games. Whether it’s proven, neo-classic titles making their way onto the Switch through Nintendo’s Nindies initiative or those solo labors of love (like Iconoclasts), here at GameSpace, we love seeing the variety of indie game the market has to offer. Today’s offering is no exception. Out of the shadows steps a game that deals with darkness and defused light. This is our review of Light Fall.

Developed and Kickstarted by Canadian studio Bishop Games, Light Fall is a 2D platformer with a high focus on precision jumping, daring exploration, and a unique gameplay mechanic called the Shadow Core. With the Shadow Core, you can create a limited number of platforms for yourself to land on, blocks to interrupt lasers, destroy crystalline formations, or control devices scatter across the mysterious world of Numbra.

In the world of Numbra, it would seem that darkness is more prevalent than light. It is ravaged by a tragedy to be unearthed and it up to you to put the pieces back together. To traverse this world, you find yourself in the role of a boy who has lost his name, his past, and his way. Along this path of rediscovery, you meet Stryx: a grumpy old owl who serves as a guide and commentator on your progress… and he isn’t always kind. Dependent on his mood, he can be either helpful or disparaging.

The platforming of the game is fluid but challenging. It doesn’t take long to get into Light Fall before the training wheels come off and the need for precision begins. This is where the Shadow Core comes into play.

As the central gameplay mechanic, the Shadow Core at first glance would seem like it would make platforming simple. The opposite is, in fact, the truth: the implementation of the Shadow Core makes precision jumping and placement all the more important. There are moments throughout the game where leaps of faith and last minute Shadow Core placement make all of the difference between an epic fail and a satisfying success.

While the official release of Light Fall for PC and Mac expected later this month, our early access experience with the game show incredible promise. If you love platforming, puzzle solving, and unique game mechanics, you are going to adore this game. Its gorgeous use of negative space and epic soundtrack give Light Fall’s Numbra a haunting, yet inviting atmosphere that begs for exploration.

So, little one, what will you do? Will you bring a glimmer of light into a darkened world?

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Steam with a code provided by PR.

COMPARE TO: Super Meat Boy, Hollow Knight, Limbo

  • Beautiful use of the light and shadows motif
  • Great controller support
  • Epic soundtrack
  • Difficulty curve spikes hard early into the game
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