New Switch Games Coming Last Week Of July

Fairy Tail - Magic & Action Trailer

The last week of July is here, bringing another hot selection of titles to Nintendo’s hybrid console. This time Switch receives a number of games from great variety of genres, from Heroes of Hammerwatch to Fairy Tail!

Check out the full list of titles coming to Nintendo Switch in the near future on the official site or dive down to the list below.

Heroes of Hammerwatch – Ultimate Edition

  • Adventure/RPG for up to 4 players
  • Developer: Crackshell
  • Publisher: Blitworks
  • Release date: July 29

Heroes of Hammerwatch is a roguelite ROG with procedurally generated levels, persistent progression and online co-op, allowing you to play with up to 3 friends online!

The Ultimate Edition comes with all released DLCs: Witch Hunter, Pyramid of Prophecy and Moon Temple, adding many additional skills, items, areas to explore, 2 new game modes, 2 new classes and much more!

Encounter endless hordes of enemies, traps, puzzles, secrets and tons of loot, as you battle your way through procedurally generated levels to reach the top of the Forsaken Spire. Upgrade to grant your persistent heroes with various enhancements that will further help you in your quest, and even bring them to your friends’ game!

Kingdom Rush

  • Single-player Strategy/Action
  • Developer: Ironhide Game Studio
  • Publisher: Ironhide Game Studio
  • Release date: July 30

Get ready for an epic journey to defend your kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends using a vast arsenal of towers and spells at your command!

Fight on forests, mountains, and wastelands, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower upgrades and specializations! Rain fire upon your enemies, summon reinforcements, command your troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters on a quest to save the Kingdom from the forces of darkness!

Sentinels of Freedom

  • Single-player turn-based strategy
  • Developer: Underbite Games
  • Publisher: Underbite Games
  • Release date: July 30

In Sentinels of Freedom, create your hero, lead your team and save the world!

Prepare for a story-driven campaign as you join forces with an ever-growing team of heroes to face a wide variety of villains. What seems like a typical bank heist reveals itself to be just the beginning of a much more sinister plan!

Cubers: Arena

  • Action/Arcade for up to 2 players
  • Developer: Tomasz Dziobek, Tomi Games
  • Publisher: Teyon
  • Release date: July 30

Cubers: Arena is an arena brawler/twin-stick smasher game. Play as Baller, a slave fighting his way through an array of gladiators to reclaim his freedom.

Multifaceted and immersive game modes; 4 uniquely themed arenas, all with their own atmospheric effects and enemies, destructible environments and boss fights in Campaign mode. An extensive line up of multiplayer (and solo!) mini-games! Choose from an arsenal of over a 100 unique weapons, armory, and skills to fight off waves of enemies.

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Nowhere Prophet

  • Single-player Adventure/Strategy
  • Publisher: No More Robots
  • Release date: July 30

Nowhere Prophet allows you to take on the role of a powerful leader and mystic. Build a loyal band of followers, prepare your decks and set on a pilgrimage through a wasteland!

You are the last hope to a band of outcastes and refugees. Lead them across the randomly generated wastelands. Pick fights with greedy slavers and crazy machines using the turn-based card combat. Can you survive long enough to reach the mysterious Crypt?

Country Tales

  • Single-player Strategy
  • Developer: Cateia Games
  • Publisher: Ocean Media
  • Release date: July 30

Help Ted and his friends in their adventures in Sunset Hills, explore the Wild West and meet peculiar characters, put the bad guys where they belong – behind bars!

The game features 40 exciting levels to master and hundreds of quests to complete. Beat the timer to receive extra rewards, find hidden treasures in 3 difficulty modes.

Merchant of the Skies

  • Single-player Strategy/Sim
  • Developer: Coldwild Games
  • Publisher: AbsoDev
  • Release date: July 30

Merchant of the Skies is a trading game with light base-building and tycoon elements. You start off as a captain of a small cloudship and work your way towards establishing your own trade company.

Sell items, gather resources and build your own trade company in the clouds!

Fairy Tail

  • Single-player RPG
  • Publisher: Koei Tecmo America
  • Release date: July 31

Follow Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and other eccentric members of the Fairy Tail guild through the gripping events of the Tenrou Island, Grand Magic Games and Tartaros story arcs.

The events of the game start with the Tenrou Island arc (Chapter 203 of the manga / Episode 97 of the anime) and follow along. The first half of the game is dedicated to the Grand Magic Games. The game will feature new quests and episodes that will be carefully interwoven into the events of the manga / anime to not break continuity and logic.


  • Single-player Platformer/Arcade
  • Developer: Wild Sphere
  • Publisher: Wild Sphere
  • Release date: July 31

Naught is a platform videogame with a unique control where you rotate the environment to change gravity and guide the main character, Naught, through labyrinth levels full of challenges, hidden places and secrets.

In Naught, you will discover an underground world full of lights and shadows, connected to the exciting story of our character: a soul awakened to face the shadows and protect what he loves the most.

Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises

  • Single-player Adventure/Puzzle
  • Developer: Artifex Mundi
  • Publisher: Artifex Mundi
  • Release date: July 31

Entertaining plunge into the world of debauched elites, alluring women and corrupted cops, where power is the ultimate currency. This is a thrilling introduction to the brand new Hidden Object Game series in the tradition of best police dramas.

Rich dynasty, exploded yacht, two survivors, ominous looking drowned with traces of poison in the body, and you, caught in the middle of the imbroglio.

Find clues, interrogate witnesses, analyze samples, gather evidence – turn up the murderer to uncover even the bigger scheme.

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