Ripped Pants at Work Review – As silly and addictive as it sounds.

Ripped Pants at Work review

We recently got a review copy of an indie stealth game titled ‘Ripped Pants at Work’.  Before I even knew what the game was about the title had me curious. You may be able to guess the next part, but ‘Ripped Pants at Work’ is a stealth game that involves you, the player, ripping your pants at work (shocker!) and having to find a new pair of pants without being spotted. This is our Ripped Pants at Work review for PC.

The premise is simple and well executed.  You have to navigate your way through the office and out into the small open city to locate a new pair of pants and avoid eternal shame.  You have a few seconds after being spotted by someone to break line of site.  This can be accomplished by breaking line of site by ducking into a room, hiding in bushes, or even standing in front of a waist-high desk so they can’t see your and all their naked glory.

Ripped Pants at Work review

The art direction is as equally light-hearted as the concept itself.  There’s nothing over the top about the blocky, voxel like models quipping about your pantsless freedom and it suits the gameplay well.  Every time I loaded the game to get some screenshots for a review I found myself an hour or two later – with no screenshots because it was so easy and entertaining to play again.  I wish there was some variation in the level between gameplays but given its price, I can’t say I’m surprised it’s limited to one map.  Don’t let that deter you from checking the game out, there’s actually quite a lot in the game – certainly more than enough for the price tag.

Ripped Pants at Work review

For three bucks on Steam it’s a no-brainer if you’re looking for a good way to kill time before bed or, if you’re a true sneaky mastermind, at work while you should be writing memos and whatnot.

Ripper Pants at Work Review Score: 8/10

  • Easy to play
  • Plenty of pants to find
  • Fun subtitles when you’re spotted
  • Lack of procedural generation can make it feel repetitive
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