Rogue Disbands Overwatch Team


One of the largest endemic esports teams to be left out of the Overwatch League in season one is Rogue. This past week there was news about the team disbanding and yesterday we got the official statement from owners and founders. Here’s what they had to say.

“We are disappointed to announce that Rogue has broken up our current Overwatch roster, so that our players can pursue options to play in Season One in the Overwatch League,” said Frank Villarreal, Rogue owner and co-founder. “These players have represented Rogue in outstanding fashion and as a consequence have become the most accomplished Overwatch team in the game’s history. We wish them the best of luck competing in the inaugural season of the league and look forward to building another squad that will make Rogue a formidable competitor in Season Two.”

“While we are disappointed with Blizzard’s decision to pass on our team for Season One, we’re incredibly confident that this won’t be the last Rogue Overwatch team,” said Steve Aoki, Rogue co-owner and world-renowned producer/DJ.

Rogue was one of the top teams in Contenders and remains a global force in esports. However, not making it into the league has been a tough break for many teams. As Contenders came to a close this weekend a lot of teams are now folding as players continue to find prospects in the Overwatch League. Many official announcements have not been made, however players are actively campaigning for teams while the signing window remains open until October 30th.

The only two teams to official announce rosters have been Seoul’s KSV Esports who signed the Korean World Cup team Lunatic-Hai as their roster. This is by far one of the top teams in the League to start. The other team is San Francisco’s NRG that launched a video full of celebrity endorsements to get their roster out to fans. Even Jennifer Lopez can be seen in the video talking about Overwatch. These teams will have to rebrand under Blizzard’s branding agreement, we have yet to know their official names.

Rogue breaking down represents great opportunities for its players, but comes in as a rough spot for the franchise. Still, the organization does have money and a solid name. It is said above by famous owner Steve Aoki that the team does have future Overwatch plans. For now, they will not be active in season one, but rumors continue about the size and scope of season two in the Overwatch League.

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