SOS: Early Access Preview – A bold new take on battle royale


It’s time friends to get dropped off on an island with a bunch of strangers and survive to the bitter end. I can hear your groans now. Another Battle Royale game? Fear not readers, because SOS has something the others don’t. Papayas. In all seriousness though, there are several things that separate SOS from other games in this survival/battle royale/action genre currently out there. This is our early access review of Outpost Games SOS!

In SOS you are spawned on an island with 15 other contestants who all share the same goal, get a Relic before time expires and get off the island. Only three people can leave though. Sounds like your basic survival game, but let’s detail what makes it the unique golden papaya that it is.


  • Not only do you worry about other players, but there are monsters on the island as well. They can kill you and can infect you, slowly turning you into one of them.
  • Weapons in-game can be as simple as a skull or actual pistols. But the pistols are generally locked behind boxes and monsters.
  • There are in-game radios that you can change channels on to talk to other players with, which make for a unique way to find people. Otherwise, the in-game VOIP is area based.
  • You can go in as a team of two with a friend from Steam, but you will both spawn in a different part of the map. You can team up with other players, but only three will survive.
  • Once you get a flare gun, you can summon a chopper for supplies or if you have a Relic you can leave. But beware, you have to climb up the choppers rope to escape and you are vulnerable to other players who don’t want you to live.
  • Papayas

There’s something else to know about SOS. If you go into it with the mindset of killing everyone on site like most survival type games, you’re missing out on a lot of the fun that the game can be. Prior to the game starting each “contestant” is given a brief spotlight to hype their character up. SOS is a game made for streamers, they have popularity rankings which you achieve by people clicking on smiley icons or sad face emotes through your stream on This is a game that was made with twitch and streaming in mind, allowing for more audience interaction. I can’t count the number of times where I was having more fun playing not because I was winning, but because of the unique interactions, I had with other players.

SOS is currently available on Steam early access in several editions.

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