Steam Weekly High Five: Revere, rev or revolt, the choice is yours!

Fly Into February via machine and fantasy!

Each week we are panning for gold bringing you games that launch on Steam in that time frame that catch our eye, let us know what catches yours and enjoy your gaming week! Take a look at five games worth a look on Steam this week. The first one may be obvious… but come on! It’s a great one!

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

FFXII-The Zodiac Age is a  revered classic returns, now fully remastered for the first time for PC, featuring all new and enhanced gameplay. Developed by Square Enix.

Frontier Pilot Simulator

Frontier Pilot Simulator is an environment-centered single player vehicle sim combining a skill-based flying system with a story-driven economic progression system. Your piloting expertise will be constantly challenged by the world while it unfolds before you. Developed by RAZAR s.r.o.

Strikers Edge

Strikers Edge is a medieval dodgeball with weapons, ancient warriors, and special powers game! Challenge your opponents in online and local multiplayer, ascend to the top of the ladder and become the best striker! Developed by Fun Punch Games.


In the toughest motoring expedition in the universe, you and your friends will build your own vehicles to cross a dangerous wasteland. Explore, crash horribly, use your wits to build a better rig, and get as far as you can with whatever spare parts you find on your way. Developed by Flashbulb Games.


Wulverblade is about defeating the Ninth Legion of the Roman army in this side-scrolling, arcade-inspired beat ’em up set in Roman-era Britain. Developed by Darkwind Media


In Death – Death is a Roguelite Shooter set in the godless afterlife. Battle through procedurally generated levels and dungeons in intense ranged combat, coupled with a unique locomotion system perfectly attuned to your fighting style. Developed by Solfar Studio’s.

The Broken Seal – Use your own voice to cast spells against evil. Meet ancient relics of mystery, be challenged by death on the desolate snowfields, and try to survive the dreadful deserts on your own. It’s time to create a new legend – of you. Developed by X-Area.

Baby Hands – Experience the world through the eyes, ears and chubby little hands of a baby! Crawl your way through a zany retro sandbox experience, filled with imagination and fun! Baby Hands is a funny, family friendly VR baby simulator! Developed by Chicken Waffle.

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