The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragonhold DLC review

Khajiit, Dragons, an Expansive DLC, Oh My! This ESO DLC packs a punch!
User Rating: 9

The Meat & Dragon Hearts

The Elder Scrolls Online has yet again expanded their expansive game. There is a lot to do in Southern Elsweyr and many cats to save. There is a great immediate introduction to pirates, dragons, and cat folk that gives a whole new meaning to storytelling in video games. The folks over at ZeniMax are really weaving together a tall tale. I got to talk with some of the developers through some of the aspects of this DLC, this will be our The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragonhold DLC review on PC.

Now the main focus of this DLC is to tell an in-depth story about the Khajiit and you guessed it, the Dragons. There are expansive story elements and events that will happen during your explorations that will lead to better familiarization with players about the Khajiit, Dragonguard, and some hidden goodies. There will be many new instances that you will visit more than once and dailies you can unlock from completing areas in Southern Elsweyr. ZeniMax is staying true to their fashion sense and making sure that most wardrobes you see among NPCs and events, will be available to players. What was really awesome to hear about these dailies, is it’s more than just your common rewards, you can also earn cosmetics and more elusive rewards from completing dailies! Currently, there is a dragon event going on, in which ZeniMax is donating money to charities for slaying dragons, so grab your sword, spear, or bow and get out there!

Expanding Movement

Do you want a grappling hook? Well, Dragonhold is introducing a grapple bow! I was shown just a very small amount of grapple points in this DLC, which can lead to new interactions and keep you watchful for loot. They are present all over instances and out in the world, so you want to look for these grapple points and see what may be waiting for you.

Tons of Improvements

While speaking with the developers, they talked about many of the gripes players had with performance both on PC and Console. They have reworked a lot of resource systems to ensure smoother frame rates and better handling of graphical procedures. Console should see a pretty large improvement. They also revamped the Looking For Group (LFG) system to work properly so that solo players can easily find a group for harder or group-oriented content. 

I don’t really play games for the story, but even I was captivated by what this DLC has to offer. I can’t wait to dive in and try out all the content and best of all, it’s accessible to any player at any level once they unlock it. 

COMPARE TO: World Of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV

The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragonhold expansion brings with it a multitude of new story, expansive player experience with the Khajit, and a new daily system that would make any developers jealous. There are around 10-20 hours of content with actual dragon slaying and saving cats! #SlayDragonsSaveCats
  • Great storytelling
  • Try the DLC at any level
  • Expanding movement (Grapplebow)
  • No crossplay
  • Later release for console (Nov 5)

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