Dave the diver saying hello to a baby whale.

Sushi and Secrets: Diving into Dave the Diver for PC!

Dave the Diver is multiple games seamlessly merged into one extraordinary adventure. Whether you are diving the depths of the ocean for fish, serving sushi, or battling mega monster sea creatures this...

9.5 Amazing

Wildfire Nintendo Switch Review

Wildfire is a 2D stealth platformer developed by Sneaky Bastards and published by Humble Games. Humble Games have published other such games like Slay the Spire. Originally released on Steam on May 25...

9 Amazing

Alwa’s Legacy Review for Switch

Alwa’s Legacy is an addictive 2D metroidvania title that has kept me sane and curled up with a warm cup of cocoa while the temperatures plummet outside. Metroidvania games and I have a love-hate relat...

9.5 Amazing

Blue Fire Preview for PC

Blue Fire is a fast-paced action-adventure game that drops you into the fallen world of Penumbra. Don’t be fooled by the cute character designs, there’s a dark secret lying just beneath the surface. G...

Treat Your-Shelf to our Bookbound Brigade Review for PC

Bookbound Brigade brought the tales of some of your favorite literary and historical characters to PC on January 30th.   A light-hearted, indie platformer by a studio in Italy, Bookbound Brigade has a...

7.5 Good
skull the hero slayer

Skull The Hero Slayer Attacks Early Access Now

Get ready to become this season’s best anti-hero as Skull The Hero Slayer hits Steam Early Access and cuts a swathe through the royal guard. Setting out on PC as it hits Early Access, this new 2...

Blaster Master Zero 2 – Nintendo Switch Review

Blaster Master Zero 2 is another of Nintendo’s “surprise” releases, this time during their spring Nindies direct.  Blaster Master Zero 2, the sequel to the Switch launch title Blaster Master Zero, whi...

8.5 Great
Dragon Marked for Death

Dragon: Marked for Death

Announced for the Switch back in the summer Nindies showcase, Dragon: Marked for Death is Into Creates’s latest release. Being known for developing both the Mega Man Zero and Azure Striker Gunvo...

7 Good

Levelhead Gets Switch Release Date & New Trailer

Butterscotch Shenanigans has announced that their platformer/level creator title Levelhead is coming to Nintendo Switch in November. This unique title from the developer of Crashlands is putting its c...

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