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Predator Crossover Making Its Way to Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ubisoft is bringing its first-ever crossover event to Ghost Recon Wildlands when the Predator event arrives later this month. Players will be put into teams of four for the PvE event that will pit them against the “Yautja hunter”. From what the teaser trailer shows, it has kept most of its abilities and weapons from the movies...[Read More]

Free Play Weekend Begins in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisoft has opened the doors of Ghost Recon: Wildlands for a free weekend. From October 12th through October 15th, you can play the entire game for free including the new Ghost War PvP mode. The console version is already open. However, the PC version won’t be available until 10:00 am Pacific today. Free play for all! You can play W...[Read More]

Ghost War PvP Mode Arrives in Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Fans of Ghost Recon: Wildlands will be happy to hear that the free Ghost War PvP mode launches today. The new mode will be available once maintenance is complete. What’s in Ghost War? Ghost War is a 4v4 Team Deathmatch type experience where you can bring back fallen teammates. It will launch with eight different maps as well as a do...[Read More]

Ghost Recon Wildlands to Get “Ghost War” PvP Open Beta

For everyone who’s been waiting for PvP in Ghost Recon Wildlands, your time has come. “Ghost War” will have a stand alone open beta beginning September 21st. Ghost Recon & PvP During Ghost War, you’ll be able to try out a unique dozen classes. Each is designed to fit into one of three categories: Assault, Marks...[Read More]

Ghost Recon Wildlands Ships Out a 5-Hour Console Demo

XBox One and PlayStation 4 players who haven’t yet tried Ghost Recon: Wildlands can do so now. Both consoles have a 5-hour demo available starting today. Ghost Recon Wildlands Demo The nice thing about a 5-hour demo is that it’s just enough time to see if it’s the game for you (or not). You don’t have to go it alon...[Read More]

You Should Be Playing: Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC

In a new recurring column called “You Should Be Playing”, we’re going to take a look at games of all types – the AAA to the Indie, and explore why they deserve a look. They’re not reviews, and sometimes the games discussed may be obscure, but there’s always a good reason we think you should be playing w...[Read More]

Fallen Ghosts Announced as Next Ghost Recon: Wildlands DLC

Ubisoft is ready to show off the next DLC “expansion” coming to Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It is called “Fallen Ghosts” and the DLC is the second major update to the game. It is due to be released on May 30th. Fallen Ghosts & what it brings The DLC takes off where the main story of the original game ended. The cou...[Read More]

Wildlands Patch Touches on All Areas, Weights 3Gb

A new Ghost Recon Wildlands patch is arriving today that addresses nearly all areas of the game. The patch will weigh in at 3Gb for consoles and 5Gb for PC. Ghost Recon Wildlands Patch Highlights The patch addresses a number of issues across all features including a number of “quality of life” updates. After the patch, you can...[Read More]

This Week’s New Game Releases – March 6th, 2017

This week is a busy one, just like the last week, and the week before that… 2017’s been filled with stellar releases so far. But just in case you’re not knee deep in Zelda or Horizon Zero Dawn, here’s a slew of additionally excellent looking titles in this week’s game releases for March 6th, 2017. This, as al...[Read More]

The Week in Games – Switchmas, Zelda, and Lots of Other Stuff

This week is all the Switch, people. And while we had to wait like good little boys and girls for Friday to get our own, the rest of world was playing Zelda and sharing how it’s a 10/10 game. Our own review is coming later in the week, but yeah… we can see how it’s getting perfect scores. Anyway, here comes the bits of n...[Read More]

10 Things I Wish I Knew When Starting Ghost Recon Wildlands

When Ghost Recon Wildlands goes live late tonight on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, chances are millions of you will be rushing into the Bolivian wilds to wipe out the drug cartel known as Santa Blanca. In an open world game like this, you might think you know what to expect. After all, Ubisoft’s sort of perfected the formula over the years...[Read More]

Open Beta in Ghost Recon Wildlands – Torn Between Two Worlds

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is special to me. It was my first experience with playing a game online. In many ways, it was the antithesis of what the FPS genre would devolve into. I spent as much time offline doing co-op in original Recon as I did online so naturally I’ve been waiting for Ghost Recon Wildlands with bated breath. I didn’...[Read More]

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