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  • We are currently in a gap of looter-shooters, with fans from multiple titles trying to find something new and fresh. Outriders hopes to capitalize that in a few different ways and capture its own fans of […]

  • Bonkies is a new couch co-op builder game that breathes new life into the couch titles genre. For this review, I played on Steam and used Steam Share to play with a few friends. It’s hard to believe that Bonkies i […]

  • Resin is the “energy” system in Genshin Impact. It is a resource that replenishes over time and currently maxes out at 120. You will earn Fragile Resin throughout various activities in the game, that can rep […]

  • The most asked question for many, when it comes to Genshin Impact, is how do they make a good or strong team with the characters they have unlocked. This is a complicated question that requires a bit of game […]

  • Waking is a new approach to a seemingly populated genre; Action Roleplaying Games (ARPGs). It uses dark images that remind me of Norse or pagan mythology to guide you through a unique situation in which you have […]

  • Genshin Impact is an online open-world adventure game that, quite honestly, I was sleeping on. The Chinese developer MiHoYo has a great catchphrase, “tech otakus can save the world“ and boy, do they show it in the […]

    • From what I have read the requirements of genshin impact apk for mobile are very hard

    • Genshin impact is going to be the best mobile game of 2020. From what I see we will be able to play on pc, android mobile, ios and ps4
      ¡¡It´s incredible!! O.o

      • I’ve been so hyped for this but I’ve been stepping back and not touching it until launch. i really do hope it blows me away like Im hoping 🙂

  • Crucible is the brand new free to play title from Amazon Games. Developed by Amazon’s in house Relentless Studio it takes the well-prepared format of the team-based third-person shooter and ties in moba-esque […]

  • You don’t see many first-person shooter (FPS) rogue-likes, so I approached Gunfire Reborn with some skepticism, about how it would work. Within the first run, you can instantly see the potential if you enjoy r […]

  • Arboria is an action role-playing rogue-like title that sends you to the underbelly of Durnar to fight for your god and save the Father Tree. As a Yotun, or warrior of your tree-like tribe, you must battle […]

  • I replied to you on the reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/dauntless/comments/gj028e/a_shift_in_development_dauntless/

    TLD;R this article was to talk about and focus on items that haven’t been addressed or were slightly addressed after release. While the timeline isn’t 100%, to meet that and further define my points, this article would of…[Read more]

  • This article will be reviewing the changes in development, major events, and overall state of the game, since the full release in September 2019. There has been a large shift in the development style of Phoenix […]

    • Aodan, really? Beyond the significant amount of false information and strong statements, you also straight up contradict yourself. You’re better than this.

      – You need to check your facts, because:
      – Strikers have received 3 major nerfs (1.0.1, 1.0.3, 1.2.0), not two.
      – Hammers have higher theoretical dps than hammers, strikers make up the majority of the leaderboards due to higher consistency and easier play.
      – Trials were released before release (OB 0.9.0)
      – Both IB and discipline were released before release (IB was OB 0.6.9 and disc was OB 0.9.0). The only cells released after launch have been grace (1.1.0) and zeal (1.2.0).
      – The implication that the core weapon reworks and cell rework is in response to player power, not having been outdated and outclassed, has no evidence to support it.
      – There is ONE weapon, not “weapons,” available through the store, and it’s not even a very good one. In addition, it still needs to be upgraded to a point where it is usable, if purchased.
      – There is ONE “obnoxious permanent notification,” the one shown, as the second one has been removed as of the time your article was posted.
      – Hunt pass content has actually become more varied, compared to older hunt passes. That said, the trials currency on the paid track IS annoying (although previously to this pass, it was mostly on the free track).
      – There is no evidence to suggest that the addition of the escalation boost notification was in any way related to the Garena acquisition. Any link is purely speculation, and needs to be noted as such.
      – You also have issues with using strong statements, which while not wholly inaccurate, imply more than what is true and are a faux pas when reporting:
      – The implication that all or “many” long term and invested players feel the same way as you do, when “some” would be a more accurate term, because you don’t and can’t speak for all of us.
      – While the trials boards have been deactivated twice, only the first one was for a significant amount of time, and players who were on the boards already before the second were still rewarded. In addition, the second happened only shortly before that week’s trial was over.
      – An addition use of “many” in regard to patch changes not being represented, when “some” is the appropriate term.
      – A third use of “many” in regard to long term players leaving the game, when “some” is the appropriate term. In addition, the lack of consideration that there might be other reasons why long term players might leave.
      – Your whole section on the Garena acquisition is full of strong statements and is played for the shock factor. We have seen no “questionable trends” not present previous to the acquisition.
      – While trials haven’t been retouched, you do not mention that a trials update is on the roadmap (and is not in reference to the four new trials).
      – A fourth use of “many” instead of “some” in reference to community outcry over perceived changes to the game derived from the Garena acquisition.
      – And you openly contradict yourself in the same paragraph:
      – Talking about the reduction of risk versus reward, and then referring to the discipline cell, which is the epitome of risk versus reward (as are much of the trials store cells)

      All this said, this is not in any way supposed to be a refutation of your article – you do raise some valid points and I too long for the difficulty of the old days of Dauntless. You do, however, need to work on your article though, as there is misinformation and mis-implications abound.

  • Hello Nick, this is a bit late, but I’m about to write another Article on Dauntless. Trials has quite a few issues that have been apparent over the many months since this article, while it is for a lack, the most challenging content, the endgame is spread out across multiple options.

  • At first sight, the game looks completely unique compared to old fallout or other turn-based games. The plot is fairly unique, the audio is beautifully done, and did I mention, grade A voice acting. This game […]

  • Necronator has the beginnings of a great 8-bit rogue-like RTS title that feels as if it is heavily influenced by Disgaea and Slay The Spire. There is great comedic value and the characters are unique. I love where […]

  • In today’s gaming market, there are lots of typical gaming headsets, but if you are an audiophile or don’t prefer the look of the typical “gaming” headset, there haven’t been many options other than investing […]

  • In a world crumbling with soulless baddies, you are on a quest to slay and partake in the dark world of Crumbling World. Crumbling World for PC is very much still in an alpha state, but the bare-bones show a lot […]

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