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  • Welcome to this week’s WTFBBQ – we’re starting to get a little low on the fuel barrel, but with some of the things that have been going on lately, that’s not a problem. Let’s get started, shall we? *Tosses log in […]

  • TCGs aren’t exploding as much as things like battle royales have, but they’ve still flooded the game scene, in so much as there are only so many players who look to play TCGs. There are more options than you […]

  • Welcome to a new weekly edition of WTFBBQ-where we talk about the stuff that makes forums explode, but ends up just being a bunch of people venting their egos and piling more gasoline on an already flaming dead […]

  • Ship Of Heroes launched it’s CCT beta-character creation test-this past week, and I was able to pop in and take a look at it. Many thanks to the folks manning the desk, as I had a bit of a hiccup concerning the […]

  • So, today you’ll notice we have a threeway bout, based largely on how games get you to open your wallet and to pry cash from your hands. Feeling like you’re being bilked is always a hot topic that makes people […]

  • I took a lot of pictures while we were at the GDA, and some helpful folks were willing to help me put names and faces to some of the people in the pictures I got. I didn’t get names from everyone, so pardon me if […]

  • For those of you who don’t know, the GDA, Game Dev Atlantic, is an annual conference for game devs, students and aspiring game industry employees, held in Halifax, Nova Scotia (yes that’s in Canada). It was my […]

  • I have a list of stuff to address, but after crap hit the fan with Blizzard, I figured the best thing I could do with it, was toss it right on the fire and see what we can fish out, and hopefully not get too […]

  • If you’ve played the Shadowrun series from Harebrained schemes, Encased won’t have too many surprises for you, though in general, it’s significantly different, it still has that feeling. Not only that, but even […]

  • Welcome to WTFBBQ-now that we’ve cooled off a bit, I’ll caution you to push back your lawnchairs a bit as I add some more fuel to the fire dumps in ten gallons of lighter fluid. Let’s talk about PvP vs PvE.

    PvP […]

  • Hello and welcome back to WTFBBQ-this week we’re looking at old school vs. newschool, a balmier and less explosive topic, but still, one that can get some people looking for the fire exits.

    Last week I […]

  • Sit down, pull up a lawn chair and make sure to wear your best asbestos safety gear-it’s time for another installment of WTFBBQ!

    After last week starting off mild, let’s get into something a bit meatier: the […]

  • Have you ever wanted a Spawn game, but a lower budget version? Well, you’re in luck, because this is our Devil’s Hunt review.

    I know maybe the intro sounds a bit harsh, but let’s be honest, Spawn but lower […]

  • Welcome to my new column where I’ll be taking some of the most flameworthy topics scoured from the gaming annals and exposing them, yet again, to the internet. This time, in article format where I’ll talk about […]

  • I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent time on a farm. I’ve had to feed chickens. And if you’re looking for a game to wreak your vengeance on them, this is definitely one of them. This is our Breathedge review for […]

  • Alright, we’re back to another interlude about equality in gaming, and this time it’s actually a finale. I’ve talked to you about accessibility, representation, and a bunch of other stuff, and honestly, there’s […]

  • There’s a post that circulates around Facebook every once and a while. It goes something like this:

    Some days it seems like there should be an equivalent meme for games. Before you assume there is-like I […]

  • I wasn’t sure if I could get this article in time to you folks, because honestly, I’ve been a bit under the weather-however it helps when the topic today is something we’ve all seen before..many many times. Let’s […]

  • I wasn’t sure if I could get this article in time to you folks, because honestly, I’ve been a bit under the weather-however it helps when the topic today is something we’ve all seen before..many many times. Let’s […]

  • Social responsibility is definitely a must, and very overlooked. I suppose with a long week dealing with people trying to blame gaming via social media and having to copy paste pages and pages of academic studies it left my hackles not only raised but feeling more than a little irritable. I also lived in a household that went through the satanic…[Read more]

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