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    Race Studies Term Paper Topics
    • A Discourse on Bias: How Partiality Affects Perception
    This paper is written in the first person and provides a discussion of the biases that the writer encounters in his daily life. The types of bias that are discussed are those of race, class, age, and degrees of physical beauty.

    • Authority, Appropriation of Voice, and the Writing of Multicultural Literature.
    The article “Who Should Write Multicultural Literature” touches upon many of the central issues of this controversy. This paper will demonstrate that there are no easy or absolute answers to these issues. In particular, it will be argued that while a writer’s “insider” status within a racial or ethnic group may give her an advantage over a “non-insider”, it is not the primary determining factor in assessing qualifications or the quality of a literary work. It will be proposed that the criteria for evaluation of multicultural literature should not be race or skin color, but rather sensitivity, accuracy, and honesty.

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    Globalization Term Paper Topics

    • A Global Market – A Study of Alternative Strategies.
    This paper is a study of alternative methods of global marketing in addition to maintaining a web presence. Examples will be cited and conclusions will be supported by data.

    • Anti-Globalization as Anarchism.
    Anti-globalization reflects a ‘reinvented anarchism’ in rejection of an authoritarian, neo-liberal status quo of strong power imbalances between the rich and the poor in a world increasingly given to hyper-capitalism.A Small Research Study into Low Caloric and Low

    • Vitamin and Mineral Intake Among the Elderly
    This graduate essay considers the reasons behind low vitamin and mineral intake among the elderly. Broadly, the study outlined here aimed to consider the correlation between three factors and low caloric intake among the elderly. That is, this study firstly looked at the correlation between conceptions of nutrition and caloric and vitamin intake. Secondly, this study looked at environmental factors and caloric and vitamin intake. Finally, this study examined the link between factors of choice – such as mobility, economics, and medical necessity – as factors affecting low calorie and nutrient intake among the elderly. The findings of the study suggest that environment and, most of all, support systems, create the most important conditions for adequate caloric and vitamin intakes. The paper suggests that closer monitoring of support systems for the elderly and closer monitoring of environments in which the elderly reside can help the elderly consume more calories and thus higher amounts of vitamins and minerals.

    Food, Diet & Nutrition Term Paper Topics
    • American Regional Cooking: Cajun Culinary Arts in Louisiana, USA.
    This paper will focus on Cajun cooking, and how this style of culinary art was developed in the state of Alabama. By understanding this exotic forms of spice-based cooking, we can see its many forms in the culinary approaches that are made for it.

    • Are We What We Eat Or Do We Eat What We Are
    This six-page paper is a discussion about why we choose the foods that we eat. The writer touches on color, texture, our senses and flavor among other factors in how we choose our foods to eat. There were no sources used to complete this paper.

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