• Sam Cherry posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    So, after the huge buzz around the Basic Thinking blog sale, everyday life is moving back into the Seo sphere. Let’s get back on the carpet and let’s take a look at ourselves. Triggered by a note from SEO Lionheart Frank Doerr, who didn’t like the nofollow policy in this blog, I would like to switch from Nofollow to Follow here shortly.

    It is clear that good comments and trackbacks deserve a follow link. But it is also clear that the control and maintenance of these things will take additional time. As spam protection, Akismet works here under the server hood, now an indispensable part of every blog, which is even a little bit in the spotlight of the spammer hordes. But that alone is not enough, especially with regard to comment spam, some very pain-free copies have recently passed through the comment boxes of many weblogs and their dirty onesFoot- Leave link impressions.

    What I am looking for is a plugin that helps me to contain the spam and allow follow for the good sites. There are a lot of different follow solutions, some with general follow, others with follow case by case and still others with comment counter and similar bells and whistles. But is there also a solution that can do all of this and maybe a little more? How would I like, for example, to have the referrer, including the search phrase, with which the commentator came to my page. The right search phrase or a suitable follow list as a referrer can reveal something about the motivator of the commentator. Perhaps time restrictions also make sense, for example, by sparing yourself through previous articles and comments.

    You have probably wished for these or similar things. Here is the time and opportunity to finally come out with it. Maybe in the end we will find a dedicated developer who will then implement the whole thing. Either way, this will be the follow zone again shortly.

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