Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to feature a subscription option

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is one of Nintendo’s most successful mobile games and now it’s taking a page from the Mario Kart Tour game by offering its players an optional premium subscription. The new service is planned for roll-out later this week on November 21st in celebration of the game’s second anniversary.

Players will be able to choose from two options:

  • “In one plan, you’ll be able to appoint one lucky animal as your camp caretaker and get some extra help around the campsite.”
  • “In the other plan, you’ll be able to receive fortune cookies and store your furniture and clothing items in warehouses.”

The plan is to reveal even more about the subscription plan in a series of videos set for release on November 20th.

The second-anniversary celebration will also debut later this week. Players who leveraged recent log-in bonuses will be able to purchase some pretty sweet themed items that can be used to set up a party at the campsite.

Learn more about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on its official site.

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  1. No Switch date yet though? Seems like a big oppurtunity lost.

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