Assault Gunners HD Remaster Blaster Launching March 20


Marvelous Europe announced that the mech battle game will release on March 20th, 2018. Assault Gunners was originally released in Japan in 2012 as a PS Vita exclusive. The remaster will be available for the PlayStation 4 and the PC through the Steam Store.

In the 2080’s a massive war breaks out on Earth while Mars is in the process of being terraformed. Migrants consequently flee to Mars through a special planetary remodeling program. This program is supported and accelerated by a completely automated robotic system called ANTS. The colony matures and thrives, building its infrastructure and military, while colonizing and exploiting the moons of Mars. Contact is cut off with one of the installations and the peace-keeping force known as DAT is sent in to investigate.

Assault Gunners puts you in the command seat of DAT along with three allied Battle Mechs. Your mission will be to save the colonies of Mars and migrants from Earth while uncovering the mystery behind this threat.

The game will come in two editions, standard and complete. The complete set will have the Standard Edition and Extra Pack in a package deal for $11.99.

Assault Gunners HD standard edition is $9.99 and contains:

  • 35 full-length missions
  • Inferno Mode – a horde gameplay mode
    • 5 varied maps
    • 100+ mech customizations

The Extra Pack is sold separately for $4.99 and contains:

  • 15 campaign missions set after the initial campaign
  • 3 additional Inferno Mode maps for a total of 8
  • 15 extra weapons for more options
  • 30+ additional mech parts for greater customization
  • 4 fully voice-acted Navigators

You can find more information on their Steam store page.

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