CES 2020 AMD Unveils Your Next New Processor

ces 2020 amd processor

Throw out your laptop and ditch your desktop! AMD just revealed 20 new processors at CES 2020 and there’s not a whole lot that Intel seems able to do.


A world first, the 4000 series Ryzen processor is a major step for the team at AMD. Revealed hours ago to the press and public, these are the world’s very first 7nm mobile processors. The downsizing of this component of the mobile workstation marks a major step for AMD and includes several variations. The Ryzen 7 4800U processor was the first of these to make an appearance and is an example of the thin editions. The range will also come in an ultra-thin business configuration, called the Pro line, and a gaming variant.

The brand new Ryzen 7 4800H gaming is the first of this gaming lineage and the chip is reported as faster than its desktop equivalent, cramming 8 physical cores and 16 threads into the onboard architecture. It will additionally boost from a speed of 2.9Ghz to an impressive 4.2 GHz. With the right cooling solution, this could top anything Intel can bring to the table. We will get to see the H series in action soon too. The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 will carry this chip to the market in a shell that barely measures 18mm and can be picked up as early as February 2020.

Finally, and not to be missed, AMD also provided some more detail on the new Athlon 3000 series mobile processors, with the Gold 3150U and Silver 3050U taking on the entry-level of the market.

Desktops and Beyond


The highlight of AMD’s processor portfolio at CES 2020 has to be the update surrounding the company’s high-end multi-core processors. The Thredripper range is already a stunning value proposition for any power users looking to get massive multi-threaded performance out of their workstation. The 3900x chip is already firmly established as an incredible value. Now, as if to take a victory lap, AMD unveiled the Threadripper 3990x and the numbers are staggering. Coming in at around $3990, the new Threadripper CPU numbers clocked in on stage beating Intel’s Dual Xeon Platinum 8280 in a V Render test for less than a quarter of the price. Even if these are AMD’s own tests, the disparity is huge.

We’re struggling to find just one thing to take from AMD’s press conference at CES 2020 but the on-stage introduction of the 4000 series and Threadripper 3990X processors looks set to blow away much of the competition in the silicon wars. Yes, we mean Intel. You can check out the full AMD CES 2020 press conference or find out more about the new processors on the AMD website.


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