FFXIV Online Newfound Adventure Is Here

FFXIV Online, the massive online adventure set in the Final Fantasy universe, now has a Newfound Adventure thanks to Patch 6.1.

Final Fantasy Online players who aren’t always able to pull a full group together are about to get plenty more to do with the new Patch 6.1. The latest update to the insanely successful MMORPG from Square Enix is getting a bunch of content and added solo-play support with the arrival of Newfound adventure. Available now as a free update, the new update beings a new story for the Warrior of Light, after wrapping up the Endwalker saga. It also adds a new role quest, in addition to a new mainline scenario.

Going Solo

If you’re still busy catching up or rolling a new character, and the latest questlines are far into your future, then the solo play support should help move things on. In a massive move, this patch will allow players to complete main scenario dungeons and trials from A Realm Reborn (2.0) with NPC party members. This is something of a huge feat. Not only should it allow players to power through alt levelling, but I might actually stand a chance of getting through my FFXI backlog too. Once you have caught up, there is plenty of new content waiting. A new Trail, dungeon, and Unreal Trial are slotted for this update. An additional Alliance Raid, called ‘Myths of the Realm’, will also see 24 heroes overcome huge odds and uncover more about the Twelve.

This isn’t even the start of the extra content. Patch 6.1 includes new Game+ content, PvP updates, some very cool portrait changes that allow you to take awesome character photos, and more. To check out the trailer of what’s in store just look above, or head over to the official FFXIV Online website now and see what’s on the Loadstone.

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