FUNCOM Releases New, Free Update and Free Demo for Mutant Year Zero

In an effort to respond to fans of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Funcom and the developers at The Bearded Ladies have released a free update for the PC version entitled Stalker Trials. Released in December, Mutant Year Zero is described as an XCOM-meets-Fallout tactical adventure game with real-time stealth and exploration that takes place on a post-human Earth. Since its release, MYZ has received critical acclaim, captivating players to the extent that one of the most called for features from fans has been replayable gameplay. Stalker Trials aims to do fulfill this request and more.

The update introduces a challenge mode that will pit players against new challenges in the Zone and allow them to acquire points in regards to their performance and their level of skill. Players will also be able to compete with other players through the use of leaderboards, and will also be able to acquire better weapons and items. The Stalker Trials allows players to choose from all characters, including mutations and skills, which leaves the player with purchasing weapons, armor, and upgrades to complete their loadout before venturing into the Zone. Pripp, the bartender is essentially your handler for the Stalker Trials and will be awarding and keeping track of your score as you tackle each challenge, which will then be recorded on the in-game leaderboards. Weekly and all-time Stalkers will be rewarded with having an NPC with their name placed into the Zone for other players to challenge and attempt to defeat. Clearing a map in specific ways will also garner you more points.

Not sure what Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is, or still debating on whether it might be enjoyable for you? Funcom and The Bearded Ladies have you covered as well. Along with the update release, a demo has also been released on Steam so players can get the starting experience and check it out before committing to buy.

With the critical acclaim it has received, MYZ: RtE promises to be an amazing game. With this update, Funcom and The Bearded Ladies are showing a strong desire to maintain the quality of the product while working to include fans in further progression of the title. So do yourself a favor: download the demo and join the conversation.

If you need more information, feel free to check out this review on by Christopher Bowman. Or visit the game’s main site here.

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