Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day Coming 23 February

The latest Harry Potter: Wizards Unite community day is coming. Get ready to grab your wands and hit the muggle streets on 23 February.

Kicking off on Sunday 23 February and running from 11 AM to 2 PM in your local time zone, the latest community day challenges witches to get out onto the street and help contain the calamity that is busily unfolding in your local community this month. Of course, this community outreach comes with a whole host of bonuses for participating. The full list of participation bonuses are listed below for anybody getting involved:

  • A Special Assignment with rewards including Spellbooks, Potion Ingredients, and Gold
  • Increased sightings of Oddities from the Oddities II Registry page, including Doxies, Leprechauns, Erklings, and Horned Serpents
  • Increased Potion Ingredients for Tonic for Trace Detection will appear on the Map
  • Special 2 km Portmanteau containing Horned Serpent Egg Fragments
  • Increased Angel’s Trumpet and Bulbadox Potion Ingredients from visiting Greenhouses
  • Brew times for Tonic for Trace Detection will be reduced to 1 hour and will have Master Notes effectiveness increased from 15% to 50%
  • Tonic for Trace Detection Potion duration reduced from 30 min to 15 min while still revealing the same amount of Traces. This results in a higher frequency of Traces appearing over a shorter span of time.
  • Guaranteed Foundable Fragment rewards when using any Runestone in Chamber 10 (Tower Chamber V) or above in Wizarding Challenges.
  • Horned Serpent Egg Fragments as a guaranteed reward when using an Oddities Runestone in Chamber 10 (Tower Chamber V) or above in Wizarding Challenges.
  • Spell Energy will appear on the Map.

If you manage to try out everything on offer then we will be impressed, or you’ve got a Time-Turner of your very own. If you haven’t heard of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite then you’re missing out on an augmented reality mobile game that plunges players into a world of magic. Fans of the franchise have spent time chasing boggarts and capturing wayward broomsticks that are all on the loose in the real world. Developed by Niantic and WB Games San Francisco, this title is an obvious twist on the mobile concepts that made Pokemon Go such a massive hit.

If you are ready to sweep up some magical creatures with your house, good luck and check out all the details about the upcoming community day on the official website, or grab the game on iOS and Android storefronts


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