MageQuit Review – A Hairy Wizard Battle

User Rating: 6.6

What is the measure of a powerful wizard?  Is it the size of his beard? The strength of his spells? Perhaps it is the combination of both as he skillfully dispatches other wizards in a magical arena battle? In MageQuit, you can answer all of these questions for yourself in this simplistic arena battler by Bowlcut Studios. With bragging rights and the possibility of a rockin’ beard on the line, do you have what it takes to reign supreme in a frantic wizard battle?

MageQuite Review

If you are a fan of top-down arena action, then MageQuit may hit the right spots for you. If you aren’t a fan of arena-based games, you’re out of luck, as that is also the only itch that MageQuit will scratch. From the moment you load into the main menu you are met with very few options. Naturally, when you are playing a steam game, you generally would imagine that the use of a mouse and keyboard would come standard, but in MageQuit a controller is pretty much required, even for the tutorial to be playable.  While there are options for both online and local play, local play would require couch co-op of some kind. There is absolutely no true solo play or bot-based training. If you are playing by yourself, you really only have one option, to queue up for a random match.

These types of arena games can be a double-edged sword. If the game is popular, endless hours of fun can be had battling it out with many different opponents. If the game dips in popularity, however, you may end up fighting the same people repeatedly, or at worst, never find a match.  At this point, MageQuit seems to have a decent community which makes getting into a match quick and easy. At most I’ve never had to wait more than a minute.

MageQuit Review Lobby

The game play in MageQuit is actually pretty fun, if not somewhat repetitive at times. The premise is generally the same, you’re loaded into an arena with multiple wizards, and your task is to become the last one standing. The more mages you kill, you larger your beard grows, and the largest beard wins. Along the way, you will obtain new spells after each match, with the most powerful wizard forced to pick his spells last. There are a few little tricks when casting your spells and attacking your opponents, such as bending the spell to hit enemies that aren’t directly in front of you. In addition to that, the arena’s themselves provide a fair amount of strategy for players that will allow them to either hide from attacks or throw opponents into pools of lava to deplete their health faster.

MageQuite is a fantastic little arena brawler for the right player. While the frantic fun will keep some players busy for a while, the game will really only keep its shine for as long as there are players to play. No, MageQuit does not have combos, extensive time trials, a real story or a campaign that would appeal to players uninterested in PVP. MageQuit is decidedly one-note, but that note is enough to bring you back for many rounds with your favorite staff and robe.

MageQuit is an arena brawler that takes the premise of battling mages, and growing beards, and combines them into a single, spell-flinging experience. Despite having few options on what you can actually do in MageQuit, players may still find several hours of enjoyment here through the repetitive (but fun) arena battles.
  • Fun arena gameplay
  • Simple controls and easy to learn
  • Local co-op
  • Requires a controller to play easily
  • Repetitive
  • Will only be fun for as long as players keep it fresh
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