MLB The Show to expand to other systems as early as 2021

MLB The Show

According to a new announcement from Sony and Major League Baseball, MLB The Show, a long-running PlayStation exclusive title, will be making the jump to other platforms “as early as 2021”.  The official announcement did not mention which systems the game would be coming out on. However, Nintendo strongly hinted it would be coming to Switch and Microsoft’s Phil Spencer wrote that he was “glad to see it coming to more players”, a possible indication it would be coming to Xbox One as well.

Learn more about MLB The Show by visiting its official site.

About MLB The Show

  • New Game Mode: Moments. Recreate or change some of the biggest moments in baseball history**
  • New Unannounced Game Mode: March to October.
  • New in Road to The Show: deeper RPG elements, more ways to improve your player on and off the field, and the removal of level caps.
  • New in Diamond Dynasty**: more streamlined mission and reward systems and numerous new quality-of-life improvements make earning rewards faster and clearer than previous years.
  • Conquer and defend territories in new Conquest maps, designed to provide a more dynamic and reward-filled Conquest experience.**
  • We’ve spent the offseason studying gameplay telemetry and community feedback to drive changes in our hitting engine and defensive AI.
  • Impress your friends and the competition with all-new options for customization.
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