Monster Train Steams onto PC Today

monster train

Monster Train, the roguelike card game from Mega Crit games, is out on PC now with an added bonus for some of you.

Players who have been eagerly waiting for Monster Train to depart can get on board for a gigantic adventure as of now. Available on PC, via Steam, this new roguelike card battler pits players against the forces of good. When hell freezes over, it’s up to you to band the dark forces of hell together and fend off an opportunistic attack from on high. You’ll build the ultimate deck of monsters, spells, and minions from over 220 cards and select from a series of monster clans, powerful units, and upgrades to fit your playstyle and any particular situation.

Three Of Molting Imp

While that all seems pretty linear, you’d be very wrong to think this is another Hearthstone clone. With three vertical fields of play to defend at once, players must play their cards right and pick the best route to navigate hell. As the Monster train winds its way across the frozen landscape, you’ll find a range of different encounters and champions to overcome. As well as an ever changing campaign mode, gamers picking up Monster Train will find plenty of other options to attempt. Hell Rush online multiplayer mode lets eight players compete in real-time to see who can defeat heaven the fastest. If you get bored of that then there are still daily global challenges, with special gameplay modifiers to test your skill, and the tools to design your own unique custom challenges and share with friends.

With plenty of choices, it’s a veritable buffet car of train based monstrosities, and it comes in even cheaper for owners of Slay the Spire. Gamers who have already picked up Mega Crit games’ other ingenious card game will be able to pick up monster Train with a total discount of 20% off the RRP. If that wasn’t enough of an excuse to grab Slay The Spire as well, check out the cool Sailor Moon modifications too. Anybody who wants to grab a ticket on this Monster train can get onboard this colourful deck battler now over at the Monster Train Steam Store page and deal out hell.


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