Our A-Z of Halloween In Games 2019!

ALL the Tricks! ALL the Treats!

Are you getting all dressed up with trick-or-treat places to go or are you like me and celebrate Halloween in-game? Whatever your poison, we’ve got all kinds of spoopy for you to enjoy!

Happy Halloween Gamespace readers have fun, be safe out there and just remember the green text down there is a link!

ANTHEM Season of Skulls

Complete the Incursion story to take part in the Anthem  “Season of Skulls” option on the Game Menu. Unlock Freeplay (the mode where you can freely roam through the world of Anthem) you can also encounter season-related events, and this is where you’ll find challenging new Anomalies.

APEX LEGENDS – Fight Or Fright Collection Event

Kings Canyon arrives at night with an all-new limited time mode called Shadowfall. When you die you will respawn as an undead version of your legend in the “Shadow Squad.” You will lose your ability to use weapons and your legend abilities will be stripped, but in return, you will be given increased movement and jump speed, along with a brutal melee attack. You’ll also have the ability to scale walls and be given unlimited respawns via skydive. Like any good BR there are also  new weapon skins, event challenges and limited premium cosmetics. Until November 5th. 

ARK SURVIVAL Fear Evolved 3

Find tombstones to gather what you need to craft spooky skins or hunt down the elusive DoDoWyvern – the choice is up to you. New tricks and treats have been added for those who have experienced Fear Evolved before to ensure it maintains its legacy as a community favorite. Until November 5th. 

ASTELLIA ONLINE Candy For The Candy King

Two weeks of mischievous and ghoulishly delightful fun collecting as much of this candy as you can to purchase event items of the Asteliia spoopy kind! A new event dungeon has been added and daily event quests can be completed. Until November 5th. 

BLACK DESERT ONLINE Halloween Adventure Logs

Defeat Isabella the Black Witch, Pumpkin Ghost or Spook. Give Halloween Pumpkin Candy and deliver magical shards to earn your own pumpkin candy to unlock cool rewards! Black Desert online is also hosting a Halloween Costume Contest with spooktacular prizes! Until November 6th. 

BLADE AND SOUL – Blade And Ghoul

Candycloud Park is where you’ll celebrate Papa Pazhu’s daughters birthday. Help Papa Pazhu save Opal’s birthday from the party crashers so that he can bring a smile to Opal’s face! Until November 13th. 

BORDERLANDS 3 Bloody Harvest

Unlock Sanctuary III to particpate in a repeatable mission given to you by Saurian Maurice. You’ll need to collect a certain amount of Hecktoplasm that drops from teh countless number of slain Haunted enemies you’ll see all over the galaxy! This is just the beginning of your Haunted Shadows adventure. Until December 5th. 

DAUNTLESS Dark Harvest

Earn a full set of cosmetic armor on either the Basic or Elite track, a prestigious set of Ultra Armour at Elite Track Level 50 in Dauntless plus other witchy rewards like the “Ghost of a Dog” emote. Until November 5th.

DESTINY 2 Festival of the Lost

All Destiny 2 players can join the festivities, including New Light players who need to be 770 Power to begin. Return to the Haunted Forest and defeat the fiends, ghouls, and terrors that lie within then earn chocolate and candy to unlock sweet rewards! Until November 19th.

FALLOUT 76 – Mischief Night

Put on your favorite costume and meet at the Whitespring for a week of explosive fun in Fallout 76. Mischief Night will begin every hour on the hour and, since it’s a Public Event, you’ll be able to fast travel to it for free. Get ready to turn the Whitespring upside down, and be sure to grab a few treats along the way.Until November 5th.


The Continental Circus has returned to Eorzea with fiendish plots aplenty, a new would-be attraction among them. But there may be more to this than meets the Final Fantasy XIV eye… Until November 1st.


Rift Game – Autumn Harvest
Fiesta – Halloween Event
Trove – Shadow’s Eve
Aura Kingdom – Halloween Zashi 
Last Chaos – Halloween Event
Grand Fantasia – Scary Halloween
Shaiya – Spooky Polly
Defiance 2050 – Hulker Hell

GUILD WARS 2 Shadow Of The Mad King

Go trick-or-treating in the Mad King’s Labyrinth, then use them to send the opposing team to their graves. If you’re in the mood for something a little less grim, take your roller beetle for a spin around the Mad King’s Raceway. Began October 15th.


Using the Dark Arts Runestones you’ve been saving up all month, you’ll be able to gain entry into a special Harrowing Halloween Chamber in Fortresses, where something sinister awaits in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Until November 1st

MAPLE STORY 2 Mystery of the Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel

Accept Hotelier Plutino’s invitation and learn more about the Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel’s completely normal and un-grisly history to gain access to a set of limited time daily quests and be able to complete the Stamp Collection event, where you can earn bonus rewards including Pumpkin Coins, a special event-only outfit and the Love Tornado Box, containing your choice of one of three Maple Story 2 special mounts! Until November 8th.

PUBG MOBILE LITE Halloweeks Survive Till Dawn

The 0.14.6 update delivers a Halloween version of the hit Survive Till Dawn mode where players must work together with their teammates to survive three days and two nights. During the day periods, players can loot for supplies including the new M134 Minigun and Flamethrower. At night, a steady flow of Pumpkin Zombies must be subdued until evacuation to unlock new exclusive achievements. New open character system, weapons and  daily rewards! Began October 25th.

OVERWATCH Halloween Terror

RAINBOW 6 Doktor’s Curse Collection

Something’s not quite right with Doc. Soon after Theme Park closed, he moved in and made the castle his home. Doktor’s Curse is a special Hide and Seek game mode, where Defenders must try to survive until the end of the round, unless they can manage to eliminate the powerful Attackers first. Until November 6th.

ROCKET LEAGUE Haunted Hallows

Who doesn’t want to fight with cars in the Farmstead and The Upside Down? Who better to guard against you doing so than the Mindflayer? Until November 11th.


Players level 50 or more a re being spooked with a login event until November 5th. Spooky Invasion runs alongside this where all players will be able to defend the cities against the spooky invaders and get amazing rewards in exchange. Until November 19th.

SEA OF THIEVES: Fort of the Damned

The dead have dug themselves in at Old Boot Fort, now twisted by the encroaching presence of death and better known as the Fort of the Damned! Are there treasures within?


The spookiest time of year has arrived once more, and the Headless Horseman rides forth to strike terror into the hearts and minds of Azeroth’s citizens. From Scarlet Monastery’s Graveyard you’ll also trick-or-Treat your way throughout the inns of Azeroth, Northrend, Pandaria, Outland, Draenor, and the Broken Isles (Dalaran) for tasty treats and currency to buy Hallow’s End delights. Until November 1st.

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