New Brawlers Rig & Diego Join the Dead or Alive 6 Roster

Dead or Alive 6 Rig Diego

KOEI TECMO America announces the return of a former fighter Rig and the addition of a new contender Diego to enter the fight in Dead or Alive 6. Both of these new combatants will be featured and playable at in the build of the game for EVO 2018.

Returning to the ring is Rig who made his first appearance in Dead or Alive 5. Rig was a former oil platform worker (hence the name) who mixed an aggressive kicks-based style with acrobatics. Seen by many as an antagonist within the series, Rig is ready to bring his volatile style back into the fray along with his iconic “Kick of Truth and Deceit.”

Joining Rig is newcomer Diego. With a reputation as “The Uncrowned Street Hero,”  Diego brings a lifetime of street fighting tactics with him into Dead or Alive. He’s no stranger to bloody knuckles having grown up in the back alleys of New York City. Having to fight to survive and to support his ailing mother, Diego has lived off of the bets on bloodshed, earning his reputation as a fierce fighter and defender of locals from criminal thugs.

Check out Diego’s Trailer here:

While Dead or Alive 6 is still in development for Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One, we can anticipate a playable build featuring these two new fighters at EVO 2018 in early August even if a full retail release is not in the cards until 2019.

Are you excited to see Rig’s return to DoA? What do you think of Diego? Let us know in the comments below.

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