Rocket League “Blueprint Update” to launch on December 4

Rocket League

The highly anticipated “Blueprint Update” to Rocket League finally has a release date. The beefy content update will drop into the game on December 4th for all available platforms.

Players are looking forward to the Blueprint Update for several reasons most notably for its removal of the lootbox, or Crate, system. “Crates are out and Blueprints are in, and any Keys you have will convert to Credits.” the blog reads.

Here’s what’s inside the Blueprint Update:

  • All players will receive three DLC for free. The DLC includes Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run.
  • After the update, Blueprints will drop after “select Online Matches”. These allow players to construct specific items for Credits. These created items can be traded or kept.
  • All unopened Crates players have in their inventory when the update goes live will be converted to “unrevealed Blueprints”.
  • Keys will be converted to Credits.
  • One day ahead of the update, Crates will stop dropping and the in-game cash shop will be disabled. The Item Shop will reopen after the update is live.
  • Rocket Pass 5 will begin the same day as the update. More information will be revealed next week.
  • Competitive Season 13 will begin the same day as the update.

Check out all of the details on the Rocket League official site.

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