Magic Will Fly, Spellsworn Releases March 13


Frogsong Studios has announced its latest release Spellsworn. From March 1st until March 4th Players will be able to give it a go free on Steam. The game is set to move from its Steam Early Access and become a free to play commercial game on March 13th.

Like most games transitioning from Steam Early Access to commercial, there will be a few changes and of course perks and options. Starting with once the official release is complete a founders Edition will be available for purchase and will players will gain access to Legendary Skins and Legendary Staffs. If you purchased early access you will automatically level up to a founder and will receive additional items exclusive to pre-launch players.

Spellsworn is a PVP area game inspired by classics such as League of Legends and even Super Smash Brothers. This game you use magic and reflexes to overcome your opponents and is set in a world gripped by a raging war of magic. 5 Rounds and your opponents stand in your way of victory and control.

  • Test your wits and reflexes in spell-filled multiplayer combat, either alone or in teams – supports up to 8 Players
  • Choose your loadout across 5 different disciplines – Offensive, Defensive, Area, Utility, and Travel.
  • Engage in battle across 3 unique arenas, each with their own dangers and demands
  • Gain experience through battle, earning skins, we4apons and more as you level up.

With Limited amount of currency that increases as you play, you will need to use your most powerful tool, Your mind. Using your wits and knowledge to select the best spells for the job and defeat your enemies by reducing their health to 0. Depending on which path you choose you will be able to go on the offensive and use Fireballs or Meteors where if you choose Windwalking you will be able to phase through your opponent’s attacks and use counter pulse to send their spells right back at them. The Environment is continuously changing and will present itself as much of a danger as your opponents.

Spellsworn is available on Steam Early Access for $9.99 – Click Here

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